Saturday, May 18, 2013

Here's hoping you've enjoyed the little tidbits from "The Firehouse Diaries: Burning Rain"
Now let's move on to "Maximum Heat Wave", the hot little number telling of Max and Sera and their steaming hot sexcapades!!  Enjoy my naughty friends!!

Serafina Torres’ Diary
Tuesday, June 25th

Dear Diary, I have something so naughty to tell you!

I have plans to visit my friends Jake and Chance at the firehouse today.  I’ve had my eyes on one of the firemen there.  His name is Max Alvares and he is so incredibly sexy!  He’s so shy, though.  He is somewhat new to this area, so he doesn’t really know anyone here very well.  I plan to change that.  It’s been six months since the first time I saw him.  I thought I was in love then and I still think I’m in love now.  Max seems to be interested, but he doesn’t seem to plan on making a move, so my plans are to make the first move today.  My friend Jake said that their 24 hour shift ends at 7am, so I will just happen to be in the area about 6:45.
I’m sure his plans include only going home and to bed.  If I have my way, I’ll be joining him.  ;-)
Well, it’s time to go.  Time to seduce me a red hot fireman!

If you want to hear how the story goes from there, check it out here!

This, too, is in celebration of my upcoming release of "BORN OF FIREWORKS", the third entry in The Firehouse Diaries. You don't want to miss these three blazing hot erotic stories! They'll melt your pants off then they'll melt your heart!! 

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