Friday, May 17, 2013

More from "Burning Rain" with Matt and McKenna!!

He moved her to the corner of the brick wall and trapped her there in mid-air with her back pushed into both walls.

McKenna’s head fell back, her eyes closed and she sighed deeply as he made use of his lips and tongue on her collarbone.  She wrapped her arms around his neck as he positioned her with his arms under both knees, holding her in place.  He reached for his cock and guided it to her pussy and slammed into her.
She cried out and clawed his back over his shoulders as his thrusts pinned her closer into the corner.  He covered her mouth with his and kissed her hungrily as his dick pounded her furiously.  He couldn’t remember his cock ever being this hard.
McKenna groaned in his mouth as her climax was upon her.  She broke away from his lips to cry out.  “Oh fuck!  I’m cumming!  I’m cumming!”
Matt pushed harder and faster into her core like a jackhammer as he felt his release building in his balls.  He pulled out of her pussy just in time to stroke his cock and lower her to the floor.  She dropped to her knees and waited for him to cum with her mouth open and her tongue begging.
Matt stilled for a millisecond as he felt his orgasm shooting through his aching cock with such a euphoric sensation.
“Oh God!”  He cried as he put the head of his cock on her tongue and the first shot of cum landed perfectly in the middle of her tongue.  His breathing was sporadic as he shot his cum on her face in hot thick streams.
McKenna took his cock in her mouth and finished him off, not leaving a drop of his tasty cream on him.  When she finished cleaning him, she began cleaning her face with her fingers and licking Matt’s thick creamy cum from them.  He smiled crookedly and helped her, wiping her cheek with his fingers and giving them to her.  She sucked them as she did his cock.
Matt shook his head.  “McKenna.  I always knew you’d be good at this, but damn, girl…you’re fucking amazing.”

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Coming soon..."BORN OF FIREWORKS" by Chasity Breeze
**Release date...4th of July!!**

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