Monday, May 20, 2013

Max and Sera heat up the pages of "The Firehouse Diaries: Maximum Heat Wave"

Max stopped his assault on her mouth and pulled her head away gingerly.  “I want to taste you, querida.”
Sera slowly lay down on the bench.  Max knelt between her legs and spread them, exposing her completely to him.  He took a deep breath.  “Oh, Serafina…you have a delicious looking pussy.”  He bent down to sweep her labia with his hot thick tongue, tasting her precious feminine fluid seeping from her pussy.
“Mmm…so delicious, mi amor.”  He murmured, then stroked her once more.  As he came to her clit, he took it between his teeth, gently, then sucked it softly at first.  When she arched her back and fisted her fingers in his thick black hair, he sucked harder and inserted one finger into her pussy.
Sera moaned and squirmed under his capable touch as she felt a wave of tingling pleasure unravelling and falling down like a tidal wave crashing on the shore.  As she screamed his name and pulled his hair, forcing him deeper, he removed his finger and replaced it with his tongue, fucking her with it and sucking on her flesh at the same time.  She came so violently she tried to close her legs around him, but he pushed them wide and held them as he ravaged her throbbing flesh, making sure to leave none of her creamy essence to be found.

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