Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Tantalizing Tuesday!

Check out this awesome review from Chloe Thurlow!!

Red Hot Erotica from the Firehouse Diaries...Chastity Breeze sizzles.

Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Will the boy every find the girl again? This is the soul of many a romance (isn't that at the heart of Romeo and Juliet?) and Chastity Breeze in Burning Rain provides a sweltering hot twist on the theme that will leave her readers impatient to dip again into her Firehouse Diaries.

McKenna Phelps does a daily run to keep her svelte figure in trim. Great legs, slender waist, those breasts that men can't keep their eyes off. Not that she has eyes for the men, just The Man, the gorgeous Matthew 'Burning Hot' Rain, a firefighter at station 12 where, by fortuitous coincidence, her best friend Chance Raeburn is also stationed. After daydreaming of Matthew by day and wet dreaming of Matthew by night, she finally finds herself alone with this red hot hunk, the scorching embers whirl in a blaze of sizzling emotions that should set the world on fire but then, a cold wind blows and it all goes terribly wrong.

Matthew has been burned before, there's plenty of fiery similes and metaphors in this compelling story. Now, he must decide whether to pursue the third act. He's met the girl, lost the girl - and readers will be with him all the way as he chases the prize. The story is fun, clearly written and you do get a sense that Chastity has been there herself...but then, haven't we all.


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