Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chase Boehner Erotica: HOT NEW RELEASE!!!!!!

Hey there my naughty peeps!
You've just got to check out this book by Chase Boehner! It's sexy, sweet and will melt your heart, among other parts of your anatomy! 

Chase Boehner Erotica: HOT NEW RELEASE!!!!!!:

Sharing Kate is a wonderfully well written erotic, yet very romantic and heart warming story. It's so refreshing to have a male author writing such beautiful thoughts and feelings. His characters are very relatable and lovable.

We follow the story of Carter through his thoughts and feelings of himself, his long time crush Talia and the love of his life Kate, who happen to be good friends and coworkers. Carter seems to have lost himself through bad relationships and heartache in the past and deems himself unworthy and incapable of having a lasting loving relationship. Then he finds Kate, the best thing that's ever come into his life. His love for her is apparent and their relationship blossoms for a while. His insecurities start creeping back into his mind and Kate seems to be unsatisfied.

When she finally fesses up and confronts him with what she wants, to swap partners with other couples, he finds himself being led down a road he's not sure he wants to go down. Sharing the love of his life with another man doesn't set well with him at all, but his love for Kate strengthens him to follow her down this strange and unknown path, but will it be enough?

Chase has done a fantastic job of pulling real feelings from Carter and inducing them into the hearts of his readers. Carter is a character whom is easy to fall in love with and will melt your heart and heat your passion to a raging inferno with his lust for Kate and we can't forget about Talia.

Steaming hot sex scenarios, that are very well written, will have you reaching for your special someone and possibly your lust and love will be rediscovered as well!

Five stars, hands down! Can't wait to read more of his work!


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