Saturday, February 23, 2013

Good morning my lovely peeps!

I just have to say that I am not used to waking up so early on a Saturday and I think I might like being an early Saturday bird! (Especially if I get "the worm"! LOL!)

I'd like to say thank you to all who read my books and give such great reviews! And I'd especially like to thank my fellow authors whom have welcomed me with such kindness and open arms into their world of incredible imagination and heartfelt stories!

I've not always loved reading, much less writing, and I'm fortunate to have found a new and very strong passion that I came to at a crossroad in my life. Writing has saved my sanity in a world full of chaos and pain. It seemed everywhere I looked, other than my magnificent husband and my beyond beautiful daughter, there was a staleness to life. Reading Romance Novels, 19th century to begin with, took me to a place of peace and desire that I never really knew not being an avid reader. As my reading evolved into modern day romance and erotica, a spark of desire to create my own stories lit a fire deep inside me. My wonderful husband, Brock, must have sensed that flame and inspired and encouraged me to begin my journey down a road of pure bliss and unfathomed excitement. 

As I began writing, my excitement grew to new heights and as others read and actually liked my writing, my self esteem grew as well. I love writing more than I ever thought possible and the fact that Brock is on board with everything that I write makes it all the more satisfying. As I continue on this incredibly arousing journey with him, I will do my best to share it with all of you in a way that will have you coming back for more. 

My favorite part of this chapter in my life is that Brock is an active and very involved part of it. He is my motivator, my partner in crime, my editor, my publisher, my amazingly gifted artist, my very inspirational lover, my best friend and the love of my life. I would never have risen to the rank of published author without him. He is bringing my dreams to life every single day and I love him more than he could possibly imagine. 

I want to thank my fellow bloggers, facebook friends, my followers on twitter and my secret friends, you know who you are, who let me be the real me. I have never been so openly loved and accepted for who I am as I am with all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you for Shooting the Breeze with me!

Hugs and Kisses!

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