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Sharing Kate: Lust,Love Rediscovered
5 of 5 stars
Sharing Kate is a wonderfully well written erotic, yet very romantic and heart warming story. It's so refreshing to have a male author writing such beautiful thoughts and feelings. His characters are very relatable and lovable. We follo...
5 of 5 stars
Your mind will be "Blown" once you've read this book by the incredible Braxton Cole! The story finds Veronica Guard, an undercover LAPD cop, in the midst of an investigation where she is recruited by Homeland Security to infiltrate, obse...
Boneyard Beach
5 of 5 stars
Laura Cooper has done it again! Boneyard Beach is an exciting and wonderfully written story of a woman who is lost in the memories of the most wonderful night, in the most wonderful place and with the most wonderful guy who claimed her v...
Dirty Secrets & Filthy Fantasies: An Erotic Collection
5 of 5 stars
Jason Jaxx is quickly becoming a favorite of mine! His writings are extremely hot and well written. The way he describes the characters and the scenarios gives you a clear visual into his sexy stories. In this collection, Jaxx takes you ...
Amber's Opus
5 of 5 stars
Very well done! This story was not surprisingly your typical "teacher/student" erotic scenario. But, wait! There's a series of twists and turns as to who is really in charge of the situation. You will come to like, even love both charact...
4 of 5 stars
This story was good, had some unrealistic and unbelievable reactions by Charlotte, a woman left broken, alone and pregnant, to the irresponsible and egocentric father of her child, Dane. The plot was good and had a lot of potential, but ...
Semper Fi
5 of 5 stars
Wow!! This is a super hot story of unexpected love! Mattie, after a frustrating call from her boyfriend in a state of drunken stupor wanting a "Free Pass" to be with other people while away at college, finds herself stranded at the airpo...

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