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Chasity Breeze

Hey there! I'm Chasity Breeze! I live in a small town on the outskirts of Fort Worth. I grew up down South, where I met and married the love of my life, Brock. We have one beautiful daughter who reminds us daily, just by being there, how much we love each other.

I have always had a love for reading. When my husband joined me in my love for erotic novels, I decided to take a chance and write some myself. My favorite authors are now too many to count, but the ones that got me going are Tawny Taylor, Laura B. Cooper, Christopher Cooper and Kresley Cole. To read and fall in love with more authors is one of my goals. For them to read and fall in love with my writing, is an even bigger goal. But, my number one goal is to give readers, both women and men, something to read that is sometimes quick and easy and will get your fire going, leaving you hot and bothered for your significant other to enjoy. 

When I'm not writing, I can be found at a baseball game, swimming, enjoying a good movie at the theatre or out clubbing with my "non vanilla" friends. I love to hang out with my husband.  He is my best friend and no one knows how to please me the way he does. He is my rock and my fierce protector, so no flirting, guys! LOL! 

Although I am an erotic writer, I am still a lady off of the pages and expect to be treated as such. Only gentlemen are considered friends. I do not  take kindly to perverts or preditors and Brock most certainly will not stand for anyone treating me with disrespect.  Again...he is my fierce protector.

I love to collect friends, both men and women, and enjoy conversing with them. I am a social butterfly on "the evil facebook" as Brock loves to call it. It's my worst distraction, but as I said, I love collecting friends and some I get a bit attached to. As long as it's kept decent and respectable, I enjoy a friendly chat every now and then.

I am currently working on The Guardians of the Tri-Parenje (or Threesome) series which is a paranormal story of Panthera Shapeshifters and Wiccan. The first book and introduction into the extraordinary world of men who transform into large cats, and women who  are Wiccan, or Witches, is Shadows of Ecstasy.  My current work is the next of a much larger story, Shadows of Desire.  There will be a total of five books, if everything goes as planned. I never know where the story will lead me. Although this series will be novel size, with the exception of Shadows of Ecstasy, which is a short story to get you started, my other writings are generally quickies or novellas. 

The Swingers series will continue as does our participation in the lifestyle. The Firehouse Diaries is a series of five books, three of which are completed, with the third being released in July of 2013.

I hope you enjoy my work as I have enjoyed writing it. Each book is very special to me and I am happy to share them with you. I strive to improve my writing with each new book and bring more vivid stories to readers.

Keep watching for more quickies as I will be adding them as often and as quickly as I can. The "Swingers" series will be added as quickly as I can experience them. LOL! (I only write with the permission of my "friends" and ALL names are ALWAYS changed to protect the innocent!)  Keep track of me here or on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chasity.breeze , twitter: https://twitter.com/ChasityBreeze or Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7091112.Chasity_Breeze.

Thank you and welcome to my naughty world! ;-)
~Chasity <3

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