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“Blinding Obsession”


The Submissive

Kori Morgan knows a little about being a submissive. Her former husband, Rory, had become her Dom after they’d been married for three wonderful years. The next two years were very different, however. Once Rory had introduced her to the BDSM lifestyle, Kori had taken it in stride, wanting to please her husband and bring more into their already fantastic sex life. Being bound and blindfolded was the most exciting thing she’d ever experienced in the bedroom. Being sweetly tortured with feathers and lightly brushed from head to toe with floggers was more than exciting…it was downright electrifying.
Rory continued to experiment with different things and Kori was becoming alarmed at some of the new toys he would bring home. Whips, canes, clamps, gag balls and all sizes of dildos and anal plugs. This she didn’t sign up for. This was just too much. Rory began to talk dirty to her, calling her a dirty little slut and a filthy bitch, humiliating her beyond belief. The sweet thoughtful man she’d married had disappeared and she was trapped in an abusive marriage. Something she never would have believed of her loving Rory.
His experimentation of anal sex had caused a trip to the ER.  He hadn’t trained her to be prepared for him and he didn’t take care taking her there for the first time. The pain and terror Kori felt from that experience had her shying from sex for a while. She’d learned later that Rory had been visiting a BDSM club while she had him cut off, collecting a handful of other submissives. She’d suspected he was going somewhere after work every night rather than working late like he’d told her. She thought if she continued doing what he wanted, he wouldn’t go elsewhere to find relief. He continued to work late, but when he came home to her, he was wild and rougher than before. Once he began using whips and a cane and after another trip to the ER, she’d had enough and left him. A year after the divorce, Kori finds herself packing up and moving to Colorado to be with her sister, Skye and best friend, Rheagan. Being a firefighter, she ends up working at Station #12 in Bennett, Colorado, where she meets the obnoxious, self-centered Chris Patterson, who, not only frustrates her constantly, but his presence has her coming apart at the seams wanting him to do all sorts of naughty things to her. Not only does she have to work with this sexy hunk, but she's been partnered with him, bringing them closer than she would like. After weeks of fighting the urge to surrender to his advances, her feelings had morphed into more than physical. But, what Kori doesn't know is that Chris has been a Dominant for almost a decade and wants her for his submissive. 

The Dom

Chris Patterson has been known as the wild playboy/womanizer of the bunch at Station #12. He and his two closest friends, Jake Polanski and Chad Bristol, would frequent the local clubs in search of hot women to entertain for the night. When Jake got married, their hunting days came to almost a halt. Chad had found a new hobby when he met a pretty young pilot and took up flying. So, Chris was left to go it alone. It just wasn't as much fun as going with the guys and competing to see who got laid first and with the most girls at one time. But, what Jake and Chad didn't know was that Chris was searching for submissives to feed his Dominant cravings. He hadn't had a submissive in a while and the cravings to Dominate a beautiful woman, tying her up and blindfolding her, making her beg for him to sate her lust was beginning to boil in his blood. But, he couldn't seem to find what he was looking for in all the women who were willing and offering themselves to him. Never had he had that problem before, but, he seemed to be looking for something in particular, but he couldn't put his finger on what.
When his new partner turned out to be a beautiful fiery red head, he knew that she was what he had been looking for. Someone who was challenging to a fault, hot headed and stubborn. Kori Morgan was the perfect solution to his problem. The tenacious erotic beauty gave Chris more trouble than suspected and he knew his work was cut out for him. 
His charms finally prevailed and he won her over, but only as a lover. With Kori, he knew he would have to proceed with caution to bring her into submission. After giving her a glimpse of his Dominance, he learned of her past with her ex-husband. As he got to know her more, his feelings of Dominance remained, but something else was growing inside of him. Chris was never one to want or believe in love, but what he was feeling for Kori Morgan had to be close. He wanted more from her than he'd wanted from any woman. Not just her body and submission, but her heart and soul as well.

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“Blinding Obsession”

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McKenna Phelps

Monday morning, June 5th

Dear Di…,

Today is going to be a great day!  I’m about to go on my morning run and the weather is just perfect for it!  It’s bright, the sky is the bluest I’ve seen it in a long time and the temp is just right, seventy three degrees.  I need to run off some of this energy I have from the incredibly hot dream I had last night about one of the firefighters I see almost every morning on my run.  His name is Matthew Rain and he is B…E…A…Utiful and so incredibly sexy.  I can hardly breathe when I’m around him.  His body is so buff, huge muscles, six pack abs, dark brown hair, a California tan and a beautiful white smile.  Sigh…what I wouldn’t give for that man to ask me out.  Oh well.  At least I get to look at him.  But, oh, to touch him.  Damn!  Writing about him is so not helping!  Gotta run this off!
Catch ya on the flip side, Di!

McKenna Phelps has taken her morning run on the same route for the last two years for one reason, Fire Station #12. Her closest friend, Chance Raeburn, is a firefighter there, but so is "he", Matthew "Burning Hot" Rain, the man McKenna lusted after and had wet dreams about every night. She's made a habit of stopping at the firehouse each morning Chance and his team were there for a bottle of water. One particular morning, the other six firemen had errands to run and she found herself all alone with Matthew and to her surprise, he had hungry eyes, all for her.

Matthew Rain had been watching McKenna for the past six months. She was always smiling and cheerful, a breath of fresh air and seeing her every morning before work began was a very good way to start the day. He'd flirt with her and throw her hints of his attraction to her, but all of the guys flirted with her, so he couldn't make her see that he truly wanted her. Then his luck changed and he was left to man the station while the rest of the team split up to run errands, and "she" was there, all alone with him. He had no choice but to make his move right then and there if he wanted to make her his.

Sparks flew and a fire started between them that left them both wanting more. But, assumptions sent McKenna running for the door and leaving Matthew burning with desire, confusion and pain. He'd been burned before, but with McKenna Phelps, it was a different kind of burn.

Sera Torres

Tuesday, June 25th

Dear Diary,

I have something so naughty to tell you!
I have plans to visit my friends Jake and Chance at the firehouse today.  I’ve had my eyes on one of the firemen there.  His name is Max Alvares and he is so incredibly sexy!  He’s so shy, though.  He is somewhat new to this area, so he doesn’t really know anyone here very well.  I plan to change that.  It’s been six months since the first time I saw him.  I thought I was in love then and I still think I’m in love now.  Max seems to be interested, but he doesn’t seem to plan on making a move, so my plans are to make the first move today.  My friend Jake said that their 24 hour shift ends at 7am, so I will just happen to be in the area about 6:45.
I’m sure his plans include only going home and to bed.  If I have my way, I’ll be joining him.  ;-)
Well, it’s time to go.  Time to seduce me a red hot fireman!

Maximus Alvares moved to the states from Coahuila Mexico six years ago in pursuit of his lifelong dream of becoming a firefighter. He worked hard to put himself through school and is now proudly living that dream and has made a very decent life for himself. But, a new dream taunts him with every visit to the firehouse from Miss Serafina Torres, the most beautiful woman Max has ever seen. He wants her even more than he wanted to be a firefighter, but his self-esteem gets in the way of pursuing that dream. He thought Sera was too good for him because he came from a very poor family, so he thought there was no way she would ever want to be with him.

Serafina Torres had lived in America for nine and a half years. She'd moved with her family from Nuevo Leon Mexico her senior year in high school. She became good friends with McKenna Phelps and two of the firefighters at Station 12. She and McKenna and would visit them occasionally. When Max was first stationed there, he took her breath away with his beauty and humble charm. It'd been six months since they first met and he still had not made one move toward her. Sera wasn't the kind of girl to make the first move, but enough was enough. If he's too shy to ask her out, then she'll have to take matters into her own hands.

When Sera finds Max alone in the locker room, she takes her chance and begins her sweet seduction of the red hot fireman, but Max turns the tables on her and once given the green light, he seduces her in more ways than one. First, he takes her to a magical place and makes sweet tender love to her, then he turns into a savage beast when released from his bonds of humility and unworthiness and shows his darker side that he didn't even know existed, taking Sera for a wild yet very arousing ride.

Things get hot and steamy with these two and all of Max's bonds are broken and a new bond is made, with Sera.

This burning hot story is the second entry of "The Firehouse Diaries", but definitely not the last.

Rheagan Baumy

July 4, 2012

Dear Diary,

Today I will see my best friend, Sera for the first time in two long years.  She was one of the only girls in high school to treat me like a ‘normal’ person and not like everyone else did.  I was the head cheerleader, President of the student counsel and Homecoming Queen our senior year at Bennett High School.  I was treated like royalty, but when push came to shove and my father ruined my life and my mothers, I learned who my true friends were.
My dad was a high priced attorney, one of the best in the state.  He was the prosecutor for the court and in his younger days, was known for putting a lot of bad guys away for life.  But, when mom almost died in a car accident and was left paralyzed, his life started to spiral down so fast we never even saw his lowest point coming.
He began drinking and working late, all hours of the night, and my mom suspected he was having an affair with his assistant.  She didn’t blame him since she could no longer provide what he needed, so she turned the other cheek and let him go on with his wild escapades.
His drinking got worse and he started taking bribes from defendants whom he was prosecuting.  After letting the third guy off the hook, a real bad seed who was a known rapist and all around thug, he was busted.  One of the younger and deceitfully ambitious attorney’s at his firm suspected he was up to no good and hired a private detective to follow him and investigate his shady business meetings.
Dad was careless and didn’t cover his tracks very well.  He’s been in prison now for six and a half years.  My so called “friends” turned their backs on me and showed their true colors.  They weren’t black and gold with school spirit, that’s for sure.  No, they were just cold black hearted people who admired me for what I was, not who I was…the real me.
Serafina Torres, McKenna Phelps and Chance Raeburn were the first to come to my aid in my time of need.  Sera, especially, would come to my home and just hang out with me so I wouldn’t feel alone.  The three of them would sacrifice their weekends to do things with me so I didn’t fall into a deep slump of depression and possibly become suicidal.  I’ve never forgotten what they did for me.  I will always cherish their friendships.
My mom and I moved to LA to be near her family and a special medical facility just after graduation.  Sera and I kept in touch through mostly texting, emails and facebook.  She sent me pictures of her and her friends often and told me all about what was going on in Bennett, Colorado.  I would visit her from time to time and her and McK came to LA once.
Then life sort of happened, I got a job working as a marketing consultant and we hadn’t been able to see each other in two years, so, when mom died of congestive heart failure, I decided it was time.
Sera and her friends are having a big party at the lake today for the Fourth of July and she invited me to come along.  My flight lands in half an hour and I’m so excited to finally see her and meet her new man.
Sera is in love with a hot sexy firefighter named Max.  He’s a real hunk from what I’ve seen in her pictures and I can’t wait to meet him.  If only I had a man like him.  My ex, Barry Hargrove, is such a jerk for running off with that ditzy bikini model.  He told me he wanted to marry me, then, boom…two weeks later he was in the Bahamas with Stacy Dickson.  He didn’t even have the decency to break up with me in person.  He emailed me that he’d met Stacy at a party that I didn’t get to go to, and they fell in love instantly.  Asshole!!
In all honesty, after the shock of it was over, I realized I felt more relieved than heartbroken.  I was in love with the idea of being married, but not with Barry.
Oh well, maybe I’ll meet some hot guy to have a summer fling with to take my mind off him.  I suppose it does still hurt that he could dispose of me so easily.  But, what the hell?  Sera has sent me some pics of some of her firefighter friends and every last one of them are smokin’ hot.  I fully intend to let loose with any one of those guys while I’m there.  I’ve been so sex deprived since Barry left.  I gotta find some relief somewhere.
Okay, my plane is about to land, so I have to shut down my iPad.
:D Wish me luck on a sexy summer romance!


Just out of a bad two year relationship, her paraplegic mother dying of heart failure and her criminal attorney father in prison the past six years for taking bribes, Rheagan Baumy has had enough.  With the job she loves in LA offering a chance to move back to her home town of Bennett, Colorado, Rheagan plans to visit her long time best friend, Serafina Torres, who still lives there, for a couple of weeks to get the ball rolling on her move.  With the pictures and stories that Sera would email, Rheagan planned to have a hot summer fling with one of her mess of smoking hot firefighter friends she was always talking about.  From the looks of these hunks in the pictures, any one of them would serve her purpose.  But, when Jake Polanski enters the equation, her plans quickly change to more than just a fling.  One look from him and she’s like hot molten lava.
Jake Polanski has been a fireman at Station #12 for the past couple of years and had become good friends with each member of the crew.  He’d already been friends with Chance Raeburn since college, along with Sera Torres and McKenna Phelps.  He’d had his share of beautiful women, but never anything serious enough to be a steady relationship.  He never had the desire to have one either.  But once he laid eyes on the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, the desire for something more in his life came crashing down on him like a meteor. Having Rheagan Baumy was all he could think about from the moment he saw her walking toward him in that damned bikini at the Fourth of July celebration at the lake. With the whole crew there gawking at her as if they'd never seen a woman before, Jake's protective and possessive instincts kicked in and he made his move the first chance he had.
Fireworks exploded, both in the night sky and between Jake and Rhea. Their feelings for one another morph into something much bigger than they ever imagined. But, danger lurks nearby and triggers catastrophe. Lives are endangered, including Rhea's. Trapped by flames deep in the woods by the lake in a cave, she fears death and never seeing Jake again. But, when he comes to her rescue only to be trapped by the raging inferno, as well, a misunderstanding throws a monkey wrench into Jake's plan to make her his for good. Under Rhea's misconception that Jake only wanted a good time with her, he flew into an angry rage and unwittingly attacked her. After realizing his mistake, anguish and shame cover him and when Rhea retreats in fear, all hope of having her in his life is lost.
Will hope find its way back and allow Rhea to forgive Jake? Can Jake forgive himself for hurting the only woman he'd ever loved and only wanted to protect? Would he be able to convince her to stay if he did forgive himself?

A little something extra from 


Here's Kori's Diary!!

Kori Morgan

August 3, 2012

Dear Diary,
It’s been a year today since Rory and I divorced.  I should be celebrating, but for some reason I don’t feel much like celebrating.  I still miss the old Rory, before he became abusive.  He was really very kind and thoughtful our first three years of marriage.  Then, he met them.  The freaks of the BDSM club.  How he met them, I guess I’ll never know.  All I know is that the first six months were pretty intense in the bedroom.  I actually enjoyed being dominated by him.  But, when he brought home a whip and a cane…I had to draw the line there.  I didn’t mind him spanking me occasionally, but beating me with those?  Oh hell no!
What I really need is a new beginning.  Skye has provided that for me by moving to Bennett, Colorado with her job.  She’s my baby sister and the only family I have left, so I couldn’t let her leave me here in LA.  So, I’ve packed all my things and I’m flying out this afternoon to a new life…a new start.  Maybe I can get it right this time.  If I leave men out of the equation, I should be just fine.
I have a small apartment not far from the fire station I will be assigned to.  I was lucky that they had the need for more firefighters.  I hope there are other women there and that I will be partnered with one of them.  Or at least someone who isn’t a womanizer and has a family to keep him occupied.  I’m so tired of these macho guys thinking that just because I’m single, I’m available.  I do not need a man to worry about.  And I sure don’t need a man for sexual pleasure.
Although…there is that hot, sexy guy I met at Rhea’s wedding.  Chris Patterson.  He is one sweet piece of man candy I’d like to lick.  That body of his just screams sexual pleasure.  But, no matter how much I’d love to man handle him, I think I’ll keep that little secret between you and me.
I think I need a night out with the girls.  Maybe Rhea and her girlfriends will let me tag along on their girl’s night out.  I would love that.
Well, guess I’d better get moving.  My first day on the job is bright and early Monday morning and I need the weekend to get settled.  Good thing most of my things are already there and unpacked.  Hopefully I will have something good to write about tomorrow night.

Until then…

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