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 Here's another teaser from...
 "Blinding Obsession" 
 The fourth entry in...

In this scene, Chris has just introduced Kori into his world of Bondage and Discipline with her first lesson on being a good submissive.  Here’s a little excerpt to get you in the mood.

He stood and paced, circling around her with his hands locked behind his back.
“When I tell you to come in here, you will do so quickly without a word.  You will disrobe and discard your clothes…all of them.  I want to find you exactly like this in this very place when I walk in.  Do you understand?”  He asked gently.
“Yes.”  She answered with a shaky voice.
He held back a chuckle.  “You will always address me as Sir.”
“Yes Sir.”  She answered with a slight curve to her lip.
“I will inspect you each time we are in here.”  He knelt before her and cocked his head at her, waiting for her to look up at him.  She didn’t.  Good girl.  This may not be so hard after all.
“Cup the bottom of your breasts and show them to me.”  He told her.
She lifted her hands to her double D’s and held them up slightly.
“Perfect.”  He smiled.  “Now, spread your pussy lips and show me your delicious pussy.”
She blushed three shades of red and he stifled a grin.  Pulling her lips apart, she pulled them up and pushed her pelvis forward.
“Mm.  Very nice.”  He said as he restrained from touching her.  “I like a shaved pussy.”  He admired her smooth hairless center.  She wondered if he would let her keep her triangular shaped trim above her pussy.
Chris shook his head to shake off the desire to snack on her right here and now.  Not yet.  He has other plans for her first.
“Now…” he said as he stood and walked behind her.  “Spread your cheeks and show me your ass.”  He told her.
She squeezed her eyes shut at the thought of him fucking her there.  Rory had done it to her without knowing how and hurt her so badly she had to go to the emergency room.
Spreading her cheeks to reveal her anus, she leaned forward giving him a better view.
She heard nothing.  Was he still standing behind her?  Then she heard him let out a breath slowly.  Was he pleased with her or was there something wrong with her?
Finally, he spoke and moved around her to face her once more.  “Sit up.”  Looking down at her with dark eyes he reached for her cheek and caressed it softly.  He took hold of her chin and lifted her head.  “Look at me, Korina.”  She was beautiful.  Her blue eyes sparkled like sapphires and he could tell she was uneasy.
He helped her to stand and his gaze raked her body as his hands stroked her arms tenderly.  He closed his eyes tight and moaned.
“Christ, Kori…I’ve never seen any woman as perfect as you.  So soft…” he kissed her forehead.  “So smooth…” her nose.  “So strikingly beautiful.”  His lips covered hers so sensually she almost melted like butter.
She whimpered when he broke the kiss and he led her to the cushioned bench.
He took a piece of silk from his pocket and draped it over her bare shoulder, sliding it around to her back as he moved behind her.
“Not being able to see what is about to be done to you heightens the pleasure.”  His breath kissed her ear as he whispered so seductively.  “Do you trust me, Korina?”  He murmured in her ear.
Chills ran down her skin and she breathed.  “Y-yes…sir.”  Her wetness was now running down her thighs and she was more than ready for him to slide that enormous cock of his inside her.  But, she knew he wouldn’t be doing that very soon.  He had to teach her a few things first.
“Good girl.”  He whispered as he brought the silk to her eyes and tied it behind her head.
He helped her to sit on one end of the bench and laid her back.
“I’m going to restrain you, are you alright with that?”  He asked gently.
Kori nodded, but no words could possibly make it past the lump in her throat.
Chris waited.  “You have to answer me, sweetheart.”  He told her.
“Yes.”  Was all she could manage.  Chris snickered and let it slide that she didn’t say “sir”.
Chris lifted her arms, pulling her hands together.  Kori felt the leather restraints being pulled tight, but not painfully tight.  Her hands were almost touching, her arms stretched firmly.
She heard a strange noise, maybe metal sliding.  Chris lifted her right leg.
“I’m going to bind your legs by your knees to these two bars.”  He told her as he restrained her leg at the thigh, just above her knee.  He repeated the process with her left leg and she was wide open for him to see.  There was a chill in the air and it hit her sopping wet pussy, causing her muscles to squeeze.
Chris stood and took her in.  He adored seeing Kori like this.  Holding back what he was dying to do to her was becoming harder by the second.  Control was the whole point of him wanting to do this.  Not only control over her, but control over his raging desires as well.
Kori couldn’t see a thing with the blind fold on and she couldn’t tell where Chris was or what he was about to do.  The only sound she heard was the music playing in the background.
Suddenly, something soft touched her ear.  A feather.  She gasped at the sensation and it left a trail of goose bumps on her skin as it travelled down her neck, collar bone, circling her right breast, then the other.  She let out a soft unsteady sigh as the plume made its way down her belly.  Her inner core was begging for attention and the anticipation was maddening.  She let out a moan of protest when the feather was gone.
“Shh.”  She heard.  “No words…no sounds, or I won’t let you come.”
Kori choked back her objection with a firm swallow and clenching her teeth.  Bastard!  He’s enjoying this too much.  She’d get him back for this, and enjoy every minute of it.
Silence filled the air as another tune came across the speakers.  It wasn’t as soft as the other, a bit more…lively, yet slow and muted, like a dull drum beating in the background of woodwinds playing their seductive melody.  She jerked at the feel of something running along her thigh.  It felt like…some sort of brush, maybe?  Long, loose strands of…leather?  The flogger.
It brushed her inner thighs softly and her pussy was contracting so intensely she almost came right then.  Chris let a chuckle slip as he watched her dilemma.
“Not yet, my sweet Korina.”  He murmured.  “I haven’t tasted you yet, and from the look of your sopping wet pussy, you’re going to taste so sweet.”
His words nearly sent her over the edge and she wanted to beg him, no order him to do it now.  But, she knew if she did, he’d make her wait longer.  He slapped the apex above her sex lightly with the flogger and she gasped, her vaginal walls squeezing with need.  The strands of leather fell down through her folds and she bit her lip, trying not to cry out.
Chris watched her with fire in his eyes and in his groin.  He loved nothing more than making her feel this way and to see how wet she was for him drove him to the brink of insanity.  His need to taste her outweighed the need for control and he leaned forward and took a deep breath.
“Oh fuck, you smell so good.”  He said just before he started kissing her left thigh from just above her knee, working his way down to where she needed him most.
Kori’s will to control her cries was wearing thin as his lips and teeth raked her tender skin until, finally…
Her eyes closed tight and she bit her bottom lip to hold in the sounds welling up in her throat as his tongue stroked up her sensitive skin guarding her juicy inner folds.  The wetness was now dripping down over her anus and her breasts moved up and down with each labored breath as his tongue made its way to her hot moist opening.
Chris looked up at her as he tasted her juices pouring from her throbbing pussy.  He lapped at her core with the tip of his tongue in light rapid waves, up and down and she thought she’d die from the pleasure.  Chris chuckled as she fought to keep her moans from escaping.  The brush of his warm breath on her delicate moist skin caused a whimper to slip and she tensed as he froze.
“Oh, Korina…”  He growled huskily.  “You shouldn’t have done that.  Now, you will have to wait even longer to come.”
Kori almost cried out in protest.  But, she really wanted to come and she didn’t want him to postpone it a second longer.  So, she bit her lip even harder as he continued to devour her so deliciously.
He stroked her pussy from her tight little hole to her clit with his hefty warm tongue and then he wasn’t there.  He stood and left her hanging.  Kori wanted to cry at the loss of contact.  She felt abandoned, betrayed and as much as she wanted him, she hated him at this very moment.  How dare he just leave her like this…just waiting to explode with the most powerful orgasm she’s ever had?
She heard movement across the room.  What is he up to now?  A few seconds later, lips fell upon hers and glided softly over them.  A slight moan escaped and he swallowed it, but didn’t scold her for her disobedience.  He just kept kissing her so sweetly, his tongue darting out to lick her lips.  She could taste herself on him and it gave her a wonderful heady tingling sensation all the way to her toes.
His lips drifted down her throat and passed her collar bone to her left breast.  He circled his tongue around it and Kori crushed her lips tight.  He sucked hard, pulling her erect nipple past his teeth, raking them scrumptiously.  Was he trying to give her a hickey…there?
He loosened the suction and her nipple popped from his mouth.  She felt something pinching painfully.  She gasped and he silenced her with a warm, sensual kiss.
“Shh.”  He whispered in her ear.  “This will bring you more pleasure than you can possibly imagine.”
Fear overtook her.  She had to tell him to stop.  They never decided on a safe word.  Her breathing grew uneasy and she opened her mouth to speak.  Chris put his finger to her lips.
“It’s alright, sweetheart.”  He muttered as he softly caressed her nipple, poking out from the clamp he’d put there.  “I won’t tighten it if it is too much.”  He studied her face and fear and uncertainty covered her beautiful features.  “Do you trust me, Kori?”  He asked softly.
She nodded.  “Yes, but…I don’t have a safe word.”
Chris had forgotten about that.  “I’m sorry, darlin’.  What word would you like to use?”  He asked considerately.
“Cajun.”  She said softly.
Chris laughed.  “Cajun?  You’ll have to tell me about that later.  But, now…I want to make you come.”
Kori sighed in relief.
“No more of that.”  He commanded in his Dom voice.  “I’ll let you slide this one last time.  Do you understand, Kori?”
“Yes, sir.  I understand.”  She said feeling a little less fearful.
“Good.  Now, I’m going to put a clamp on your other nipple.  There needs to be as much pain as you can take without hurting you.”  He prepared her right nipple with the same method as the other, licking and suckling it to a hard peak.  She felt the clamp tighten and bit her lip, waiting for him to release it.
The pain was sharp, but bearable and she could feel an electric jolt to her clit from the pleasurable pressure of the clamps.
Chris watched as her tongue replaced her teeth on her lip.  His cock jumped in response.  He had to move things along so he could bury himself deep inside her and make her scream his name over and over again.  That, he would allow.
He knelt between her thighs and rubbed his forefinger oh so softly around her opening.  Two fingers pushed gently inside and his thumb pressed against her swollen nub.  Kori inhaled deeply and she became a little dizzy at the feel of his fingers rubbing up across her G-spot.
Chris replaced his thumb with his tongue and flicked it hard several times before sucking it softly into his mouth.  The way he was sucking her drove her insane.  It wasn’t hard, it was more like…fish lips sucking on her and she could imagine his lips opened and attached to her like a suction cup.  Oh…the feeling that produced was like nothing she’d ever experienced and the swirl of her orgasm was spiraling down quickly.
As Chris sucked her clit, he darted his tongue out to attack it with short powerful shocks.  Kori was falling into the euphoric abyss and as Chris’ thrust of his fingers grew more intense, he released her clit only long enough to give her what she wanted.
“Come for me, Korina.  Now!”  He commanded in a deep husky resonant voice.
Kori arched her back as her release took her into a bright light, floating in nothingness and feeling only joy and happiness.
Chris pumped his fingers into her hard and deep, then released them and drove his tongue inside, drinking her sweet nectar as it came in waves of creamy fulfillment.  As her shuttering slowed to short jolts of aftershock, he cleaned her lips and clit of every drop of tasty sweetness with a moan of satisfied contentment.
“Christ, baby!”  He muttered as he licked his lips.  “I never knew a woman could taste so good.”
Kori smiled lazily as her breathing slowed to almost normal.
He moved to stand before her and told her to turn her head.  She did as he asked and waited for further instruction.  She knew what was coming and she was ready.

 I hope you enjoyed the excerpt and teaser pic!  “Blinding Obsession” will be available in October 2013!!  Stay tuned and watch for the cover reveal, more teasers and the release date!  Until then, if you haven’t already read the first three entries…grab them and get caught up as this series of books are better to read in chronological order.  You will meet each character from the series in different settings.  It would be wise to learn of the previous characters to enjoy these stories to their full potential.

 McKenna Phelps has taken her morning run on the same route for the last two years for one reason, Fire Station #12. Her closest friend, Chance Raeburn, is a firefighter there, but so is "he", Matthew "Burning Hot" Rain, the man McKenna lusted after and had wet dreams about every night. She's made a habit of stopping at the firehouse each morning Chance and his team were there for a bottle of water. One particular morning, the other six firemen had errands to run and she found herself all alone with Matthew and to her surprise, he had hungry eyes, all for her.

Matthew Rain had been watching McKenna for the past six months. She was always smiling and cheerful, a breath of fresh air and seeing her every morning before work began was a very good way to start the day. He'd flirt with her and throw her hints of his attraction to her, but all of the guys flirted with her, so he couldn't make her see that he truly wanted her. Then his luck changed and he was left to man the station while the rest of the team split up to run errands, and "she" was there, all alone with him. He had no choice but to make his move right then and there if he wanted to make her his.

Sparks flew and a fire started between them that left them both wanting more. But, assumptions sent McKenna running for the door and leaving Matthew burning with desire, confusion and pain. He'd been burned before, but with McKenna Phelps, it was a different kind of burn.

This steaming hot short story is the beginning of a long line of diary entries from both McKenna and other hotties in this ongoing series of "The Firehouse Diaries".

Maximus Alvares moved to the states from Coahuila Mexico six years ago in pursuit of his lifelong dream of becoming a firefighter. He worked hard to put himself through school and is now proudly living that dream and has made a very decent life for himself. But, a new dream taunts him with every visit to the firehouse from Miss Serafina Torres, the most beautiful woman Max has ever seen. He wants her even more than he wanted to be a firefighter, but his self-esteem gets in the way of pursuing that dream. He thought Sera was too good for him because he came from a very poor family, so he thought there was no way she would ever want to be with him.

Serafina Torres had lived in America for nine and a half years. She'd moved with her family from Nuevo Leon Mexico her senior year in high school. She became good friends with McKenna Phelps and two of the firefighters at Station 12. She and McKenna and would visit them occasionally. When Max was first stationed there, he took her breath away with his beauty and humble charm. It'd been six months since they first met and he still had not made one move toward her. Sera wasn't the kind of girl to make the first move, but enough was enough. If he's too shy to ask her out, then she'll have to take matters into her own hands. 

When Sera finds Max alone in the locker room, she takes her chance and begins her sweet seduction of the red hot fireman, but Max turns the tables on her and once given the green light, he seduces her in more ways than one. First, he takes her to a magical place and makes sweet tender love to her, then he turns into a savage beast when released from his bonds of humility and unworthiness and shows his darker side that he didn't even know existed, taking Sera for a wild yet very arousing ride.

Things get hot and steamy with these two and all of Max's bonds are broken and a new bond is made, with Sera.

This burning hot story is the second entry of "The Firehouse Diaries", but definitely not the last.

Just out of a bad two year relationship, her paraplegic mother dying of heart failure and her criminal attorney father in prison the past six years for taking bribes, Rheagan Baumy has had enough. With the job she loves in LA offering a chance to move back to her home town of Bennett, Colorado, Rheagan plans to visit her long time best friend, Serafina Torres, who still lives there, for a couple of weeks to get the ball rolling on her move. With the pictures and stories that Sera would email, Rheagan planned to have a hot summer fling with one of her mess of smoking hot firefighter friends she was always talking about. From the looks of these hunks in the pictures, any one of them would serve her purpose. But, when Jake Polanski enters the equation, her plans quickly change to more than just a fling. One look from him and she’s like hot molten lava.

Jake Polanski has been a fireman at Station #12 for the past couple of years and had become good friends with each member of the crew. He’d already been friends with Chance Raeburn since college, along with Sera Torres and McKenna Phelps. He’d had his share of beautiful women, but never anything serious enough to be a steady relationship. He never had the desire to have one either. But once he laid eyes on the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, the desire for something more in his life came crashing down on him like a meteor. Having Rheagan Baumy was all he could think about from the moment he saw her walking toward him in that damned bikini at the Fourth of July celebration at the lake. With the whole crew there gawking at her as if they'd never seen a woman before, Jake's protective and possessive instincts kicked in and he made his move the first chance he had.

Fireworks exploded, both in the night sky and between Jake and Rhea. Their feelings for one another morph into something much bigger than they ever imagined. But, danger lurks nearby and triggers catastrophe. Lives are endangered, including Rhea's. Trapped by flames deep in the woods by the lake in a cave, she fears death and never seeing Jake again. But, when he comes to her rescue only to be trapped by the raging inferno, as well, a misunderstanding throws a monkey wrench into Jake's plan to make her his for good. Under Rhea's misconception that Jake only wanted a good time with her, he flew into an angry rage and unwittingly attacked her. After realizing his mistake, anguish and shame cover him and when Rhea retreats in fear, all hope of having her in his life is lost.

Will hope find its way back and allow Rhea to forgive Jake? Can Jake forgive himself for hurting the only woman he'd ever loved and only wanted to protect? Would he be able to convince her to stay if he did forgive himself?

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