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I was thrilled when Mia agreed to be a guest on my blog and share herself and her wonderful works with us.  She is wonderfully talented and I am proud to feature such an incredibly gifted addition in my naughty world of erotic romance.  Let’s see what Mia has in store for us, shall we?

Hi, I’m Mia Downing. I’d love to thank Chasity Breeze for hosting me today. I just released the third book from the Spy Games series and I love writing erotic romance. It’s fun to give the characters angst and drama to work through and then get to use the sex scenes to further develop their romance. In real life I’m fairly boring—married for 18 years, have two kids and a small farm. Don’t pity me—I like my life the way it is. I get enough outside excitement from the books I write.

To celebrate the release of Spy Games: Endgame to Amazon, The Wild Rose Press is graciously offering for sale the first two books in the Spy Games series. The sale is taking place at all distributors. Now is the time to get a jump on this great series.

Book 1 of the Spy Games Series! $.99 at all distributors until 8/23 and at Amazon until 8/30.

Spy Games: Trained for Seduction was my first full-length erotic romance novel. It was a story I wrote at night as a bedtime tale to pass the time because my husband snores. I was too lazy and cold to hit the couch, so I passed the time dreaming of super spies and romance. My favorite show as a kid was The Six Million Dollar Man, and one favorite as an adult was ALIAS. Those that know Jake from the series will see a little Lee Majors in him, and I hope Kate is just as kick-ass as Sydney Bristow ever dreamed of being!

So what is Trained for Seduction about? Here’s the blurb.

Emma Walters didn't choose to be a spy, but when her crazy father was caught selling bombs to the wrong people, she was given a choice—become a spy or rot in jail. Her exciting new life as agent Kate Wells becomes more so when she discovers her new boss is the agent—undercover and investigating her father at the time—who took her to third base. Emma is already half in love with the dark and dangerous Chase Sanders. Kate wants nothing more than for him to finish what he started, but he's the devil incarnate. And one doesn't make deals or fall in love with the devil.
If someone had told Chase he'd fall in love with a certain virgin when he was on his last mission, he would have shot them dead, sniper style. She was nothing more than collateral damage, damn it. But watching the sexy new spy morph into a bombshell killing machine is too much to bear. So when the powers that be command him to train her in the art of seduction for her first—and possibly last—mission, he's scared witless. Making love to Kate means preparing her for sex with another man.
Somehow, Chase has to find a way to get Kate in—and out—of her mission without dying. And without falling in love.
This book is an erotic romance. It contains graphic language, explicit, smokin' hot sex, ménage, lots of juicy conflict, some suspense, a dark and dangerous spy boss and a spunky bombshell heroine.

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Here’s a little excerpt from Spy Games: Trained for Seduction if I haven’t convinced you yet! This is one of my favorite parts of the book. Chase wants to see how ready for a mission Kate is in the shooting department. He doesn’t count on her teaching him a think or two…

Excerpt from Trained for Seduction:

She put on the ear and eye protection he offered, her hands trembling as she loaded the gun. Then she took in a deep breath and sighted down the target area. He stood way too close, his hip brushing her ass. Her first shot hit the bottom of the target, the second winged the side.
He lifted her ear protection. “Oh, that’s bad.”
Exactly why she didn’t want to shoot with him around. She glared at him over her shoulder. “You need to go away, Chase. I can’t shoot with you standing there.”
“Oh, so when you’re in the field, you’re going to stop the action, turn to the bad guy and say, ‘I can’t shoot with you standing there,’” he mimicked, his voice annoyingly high-pitched. “Where does your instructor stand?”
“I don’t know. The parts of me that notice you don’t seem to notice him.” She put her ear protection back in place, took aim again and he kissed her neck. Her shot went way wide, pinging off a tree.
“Collateral damage,” he said loud enough for her to hear.
I doubt Jake is going to kiss my neck in the field and make me miss hitting the bad guys. She took aim again, picturing his egotistical face on the target. His hand cupped her breast, his thumb flicking her nipple. She slapped his hand. “Chase! I can’t shoot if you’re doing that.”
“You need to be able to get the shot off no matter what. There could be a volcano exploding, aliens landing, and a marching band playing, and you should be able to make your mark in the midst of it all.”
“Really? You can do that.” She knew he was good, but was he really that good? No one was that good. “Volcano? Aliens?”
“Of course.”
“Prove it.” She carefully handed him the gun, convinced she had a way to prove him wrong. Sniper or not, he wasn’t immune to what she had to offer.
Chase took her place, and she unbuttoned his jeans, sliding them down just enough for his semi-hard cock to spring free. Before he could complain, she knelt and took him into her mouth, sucking him hard, deep, taking his full length. She eased him out, sucking harder, then opened her lips wide so he could slide entirely in, deep in her throat.
It was so exciting, taking him into her mouth in the open, where anyone could see. She wanted him to fuck her in the worst way. She shoved her hand down her shorts and fingered her clit, her pussy, sopping wet and still sore, but she embraced the sting of pain as she stabbed a finger inside, curling to hit her G-spot. Oh, yes.
But she had to pay attention, to prove him wrong. She removed her hand and sucked harder.
“Kate, I’m going to come.”
She let his cock slip out of her mouth and yanked up his pants. As she scooted out of the way, she yelled, “Then shoot.”
Chase’s Adam’s apple bobbed, he aimed the gun, and shot off three rounds in a row. Then he looked at her hopefully, lust renewed. “Now finish.”
“Not so fast. I need to see what you hit.” She jogged down the range.
The target closest to her was clean except for the low shot she had taken and the shot that had taken a piece out of the side of the board. She turned, ready to crow in victory, but he shook his head and pointed another fifty feet out.
She jogged again. That target had three holes, all perfectly centered in the middle. She turned and looked at him with awe. His mad skill made her even hotter for him.
She jogged back. “Do that again.”
He blinked. “Can I come in your mouth?”
“Can you hit your mark while you come?” The words were out before she realized what she had committed to, but then the idea of him losing control like that, in her mouth, because of her, ignited her lust. And if she could prove him wrong about something, it was even better. She wanted this, in the worst way.

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 WHEW!! Now that's what I call HOT!! How would you like a few shooting lessons with Chase?  Yeah!  Me too!  Sign me up now!! 

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