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Entry Four
“Blinding Obsession”
Guardians of the Tri-Parenje II
"Shadows of Desire"

The Firehouse Diaries: Entry Four: Blinding Obsession is in the works and coming close to being completed.  This story is about the ever so sexy Chris Patterson, and, yes…he is one of the hot firefighters from Station #12.
Chris hasn’t been able to stop thinking about the red headed beauty he locked horns with at Jake and Rhea’s wedding reception just two months ago.  Kori Morgan is Rhea’s best friend from LA and man does she have a temper?  Chris, being the flirtatious playboy that he is, tried his irresistible charms on Kori and they backfired.  The gorgeous fireball gave Chris what he never expected, an earful of the kind of man she despises…namely…him.
Licking his wounds, Chris ran as far away from her as he could get and vowed never to so much as look at her again.  Thank God she lived in LA and would be leaving Bennett Colorado.  Never having to associate with her again was a relief…until he was blindsided by fate slapping him in the face.

Recently divorced from a Dominant and abusive husband, Korina Morgan was devastated to learn that her sister, Skye, the only living relative she had left, was moving to Bennett, Colorado with her boss, Rheagan Baumy Polanski, also Kori’s best friend, because of Rhea’s job promotion.  Not wanting to be so far from her sister, Kori decided to make the move with her.  Coincidently, Kori just happens to be a firefighter and begins to look for a fire department to transfer to in the Bennett area.  As fate would have it, the best choice is Station #12.  The very station where Rheagan’s new husband, Jake and his friends are stationed.  Worst of all, Chris Patterson, the God’s Gift to Women she bumped into at Rhea’s wedding reception, is there as well.  Hoping for a different shift from the annoying Casanova, she takes a chance and puts in for the transfer.
Fate, obviously has a sense of humor.  Kori is not only put on the same shift with the handsome Don Juan of this century, she’s his new partner.
The heat is on and the friction the sexy firefighter causes puts Kori’s libido in high gear.  The more she tries to fight her attraction to him, the more he does to convince her that giving in and submitting to his over stimulating desire to Dominate her…body, heart and soul is what she really wants.
Chris finds Kori to be irresistible in every way and taming her proves to be a challenge like he’s never had before.  Cooling her hot temper and redirecting that heat to her sexual desires is all he can think about.  But, when she caves, Chris finds she is more dangerous than ever when his heart starts to ache for more than a sexual relationship with her.
Can Chris convince Kori that they were made for each other?  Will Kori’s fear of being hurt again turn her away from the only man that could bring out her soft side?

Hmm…we shall see.  “Blinding Obsession” is a story about how a Dom/sub relationship isn’t necessarily about pain.  If done right, pleasure is the goal with that sort of relationship and, yes, occasionally, a little pain is involved.  However, the pain brings a whole new kind of pleasure to the one on the receiving end.  Blood is drawn to the surface, bringing with it more sensitivity to pleasurable touches.  A loving Dom takes extra care of his submissive and shows her more love than she could possibly imagine.
Although I have never participated in the lifestyle, I am intrigued by how wrong people are when pain, punishment, abuse and horror is the depiction most perceived.  True, some Dom’s can be cruel, but, I’ve learned from some people in the lifestyle, that it isn’t always that way.  The submissive has more control over what is allowed and what isn’t than the Dominant by way of contract.  Once the agreement is in order, the Dom takes charge and abides by the limitations of their sub.  A Dominant likes to be in control of situations.  A submissive is willing to turn their complete trust over to their Dom and allow them to control every action they wish them to play out during sex.
The reason I wrote this story in this context is to bring out the loving relationship rather than the terrifying one so many people believe to be related to the Dom/sub lifestyle.  I know…I was one of those people until I read more and more about the subject.
Although I touched base with the lifestyle in the second entry, Maximum Heat Wave, I felt I wanted to give more insight to this way of life.
I hope you enjoy all of the Firehouse Diaries.  After “Blinding Obsession”, there will be one final entry with the story of everyone’s favorite, Chance Raeburn.
More on that subject later!

In the first Guardians of the Tri-Parenje, Shadows of Ecstasy, we are introduced to the world of Panthera Shape Shifters with a hint of other powerful beings.  The story is about a young woman, Sloane Dasani, who is oblivious to the possibility of a whole world of immortal beings living amongst humans on a day to day basis.  As if learning of this obscure world wasn’t enough, Sloane also learns that she, too is immortal, but not a shape shifter.  With powers just beginning to emerge in the first book, the second book will take us into more detail about Sloane’s powerful abilities and give us insight to the other exceptionally powerful women called by the “Tri-Par” to their destined and eternal mates with the brave and powerful Madison Sharrife.
If you haven’t read the first book, I should tell you that a handful of powerful women are being called by a magical force known as the Tri-Parenje, which is Croatian for “Three Mating”.  In other words, a ménage a trois.  Yes, these lucky girls will be mated with two incredibly sexy hunks, who, by the way, shift into some form of large cat.  In the first book, Sloane is mated with Kade O’Connell, a black panther shifter, and Lincoln Merrick, a snow leopard shifter.
In Shadows of Desire, Madison is mated with Corin Kovac, white tiger, and Adan Vicente, snow leopard.  This trio teams up with the first trio against the banished rogue shifter, Karan Paash, who leads the Thunder Clan, all banished shifters from the Shadow Clan by Solomon Minear, leader of the clan and the Guardians of the Tajna (secret of the panthera existence).
The Tri-Parenje is a Prophecy that tells of the Tri-Par as being the joining of two shifters and a human, until they learn of their true immortality.  It is believed to be a myth rather than prophecy.  The Tri-par chooses a mate for two shifters.  The shifters will be the chosen’s loving Doms, they will love them fiercely, both physically and emotionally, and will do anything to protect and take care of them.
You will find that when the Tri-Par strikes its target, the attraction and emotional attachment is instantaneous and to the point of uncontrollable desire and lust.  Coming between two shifters and their Tri-Par would be a fatal mistake.
The sexual overload is addressed very soon after the calling and the shifters have little control over their actions.  Their mate is not as out of control as they are, but she is more than willing to submit to their lusty need.  However, for them to truly mate, the shifters must take her simultaneously.  Only she can decide if and when that will take place.  If she chooses not to mate with them, they will remain without a mate for eternity.
There will be four books in this series.  Shadows of Obsession and Shadows of Rapture will follow Shadows of Desire and will be novel length, unlike Shadows of Ecstasy, which was only the introduction to this magical and exciting world.

I hope you will stick around and enjoy these stories as they unfold.  I know I am having fun creating this incredibly erotic fantasy!
Stay tuned for more on both series as they come to life.

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