Wednesday, May 22, 2013

by Laura B. Cooper & Christopher Cooper
Available MEMORIAL DAY 2013!!

I am so pleased to introduce to you Laura B. and Christopher Cooper's "Shades of Shame". It is the prequel to the Five Star rated "Semper Fi" by Laura and Christopher. 

Shades of Shame is centered around the life of David and Elise McNarry, their love, and their unusual relationship that shapes the life of their son Logan. 

Enjoy this naughty little teaser...

The phone stopped blinking and David McNarry lifted his head and his eyes narrowed in on her, “You were telling me what your type of man was.”
“Right.  My type.  You really want to know my type?”  Leila settled back into her chair and sipped her drink.
“Yes Leila I think I’d be very interested in that information,” David smiled conspiratorially.
“I like a mature man, a little gray around the temples, and one that views his experience as an asset.  Someone who knows what they want, and isn’t afraid to do anything to get it.”  She watched him carefully to see his reaction.  Most people would have thought her words were too forward but David smiled slightly.  It was as if he expected those very words to flow from her shiny pink lips.
“Anything.  But most of all, someone who could take me as their own, not afraid to objectify me, and use me as they wished.”
“Sounds pretty daring.  Not much of a romantic, are we?”  This was clearly a test, she thought.  This was his way of seeing if I was serious.
“Not at all.  For one to be romantic, you must put more into lovemaking than I have the time or inclination for.  No, just give me the raw, carnal sex, and don’t hold back.  I like it…” she said with a whisper as she stood and approached him, “rough.”
The Senator cleared his throat, making a loud, obvious sound in order to convey not only his surprise, but his approval.  “I see where my son could fall short, now.  He’s just like his Mother:  a hopeless romantic.”
Leila walked around the back of his chair, trailing her hand across his chest and around his throat.  “I haven’t seen Logan in years, Senator, but I hear he’s still a good boy.  Good boys are nice, but they bore me.  If he knew what I was thinking right now, he’d be ashamed of both of us…”
“There are many shades of shame, my dear.  You just have to find the one you’re comfortable with,” his breath became heavier with her closeness.
“Exactly.  And you, sir?”  Leila ran her fingers through his hair, pulling his head back and forcing his gaze to the ceiling.  “What are you comfortable with?”
He let out a muffled laugh, faint, but audible enough to get his point across.  “I’m certain we could find a shade we’re both comfortable with.”

Whew! Pretty hot, huh? I've been assured that there is more sex in this book than in their previous writings. It's not for the faint of heart, so tread carefully when reading this hot as hell story of an erotically twisted group of people attached to the ever sexual McNarrys. Enjoy my naughty little peeps! I know that I will! What shade are you comfortable with?

About the Coopers:

Christopher and I are from the coastal area of South Carolina, what the locals would call the ‘lowcountry.’  We live a quiet life nestled just outside of Charleston with our eighteen dogs and one cat (Jenny), who thinks she’s a dog.
Chris and I started writing short stories for each several years ago.  As time passed, our stories got a little longer, and one might say a little more developed.  With Christopher’s support, I was able to dedicate my time fully to writing, and with his help published my first book in 2010.
Our focus now is developing a more complete storyline filled with rich, robust characters.  Concentrating on character development, scene development, and storyline development has been both challenging and rewarding.  Most of all, the ability to work with someone who understands constructive criticism has hopefully made us both better writers with each attempt.
We love to get emails, and we’re working on a blog site where we can post some spoilers and such.  We check into facebook periodically, and need to get back onto my blogs:
Or contact us at or!

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You can grab a copy of "Semper Fi" and get to know Logan McNarry before meeting his parents at:


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