Friday, May 24, 2013


It's time for some fun in the sun with some teasers from the third entry of "THE FIREHOUSE DIARIES: BORN OF FIREWORKS"!! As always, let's begin with an entry into the diary of our newest beauty to burn up the pages of The Firehouse Diaries, Rheagan Baumy! She's a hottie and she is looking for someone who can light her fire! 


The Diary of Rheagan Baumy

        July 4, 2012

Dear Diary,

Today I will see my friend, Sera for the first time in two long years.  She was one of the only girls in school to treat me like a normal human being and not like everyone else did.  I was the head cheerleader, President of the student body and Homecoming Queen our senior year at Bennett High School.  I was treated like royalty...but when push came to shove and my father ruined my life and my mothers, I learned who my true friends were.

My father has been in prison now for six and a half years.  My so called “friends” turned their backs on me and showed their true colors.  They weren’t black and gold with school spirit, they were just cold black hearted people who admired me for what I was, not who I was…the real me.
Serafina Torres, McKenna Phelps and Chance Raeburn were the first to come to my aid in my time of need.  Sera, especially, would come to my home and just hang out with me so I wouldn’t feel alone.  I’ve never forgotten what she and her friends did for me.

My mom and I moved to LA to be near her family just after graduation.  Sera and I kept in touch through mostly emails and facebook.  She sent me pictures of her and her friends often and told me all about what was going on in Bennett, Colorado.  I would visit her from time to time and her and McK came to LA once.

She and her friends are having a big party at the lake today for the fourth of July and she invited me to come along.  My flight lands in half an hour and I’m so excited to finally see her and meet her new man.  
Sera is in love with a hot sexy firefighter named Max.  He’s a real hunk from what I’ve seen in her pictures and I can’t wait to meet him.  If only I had a man like him.

 Sera has sent me some pics of some of her firefighter friends and every last one of them aresmokin’ hot.  I fully intend to let loose with any one of those guys while I’m there.  I’ve been so sex deprived since my ex, Barry left for a bikini model.  I gotta find some relief somewhere.
Okay, my plane is about to land, so I have to shut down my iPad.

:D Wish me luck on a sexy summer romance!

I hope you enjoyed this little fire starter! Check back later for more from "Born of Fireworks" and see who will be hot enough to set Rheagan aflame!!

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