Monday, May 13, 2013



***"FUN IN THE SUN"!!***

Guess what's heating up for the summer!!

 "Born of Fireworks", the third entry of 
will be released on the Fourth of July, just in time for the fireworks between Jake and a newcomer, Rheanne Stoddard, longtime friend of Serafina Torres, from "The Firehouse Diaries: Entry 2: Maximum Heat Wave"

 The Firehouse Diaries continues with Rheanne Stoddard's entry into her diary about the "OH SO SEXY" Jake Polanski, one of Station #12's smokin' hot firefighters. "Born of Fireworks" will be here just in time for Independence Day!! And there's a big surprise leading up to the release of this hot little number and much much more!! Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for the juicy details of what promises to be the best in Hot Summer Releases!! ;)

If you haven't read the first two entries, now's the time before the third is released!! You won't want to miss out on the sparks between Matthew Rain and McKenna Phelps in "Burning Rain" or the scorching heat between Max and Sera in "Maximum Heat Wave"! Check them out now and you'll be ready to be "Born of Fireworks" on Independence Day!!!

Stay tuned for excerpts from "Burning Rain" and "Maximum Heat Wave" and maybe even a few teasers from "Born of Fireworks"!!

Here's to lots of "FUN IN THE SUN"!!

Love and kisses in all the right places! ;)
~Chas <3

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