Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Here's something that will have you... 

Miss McKenna Phelps has a little secret and she shares a little of it with us today! Stay tuned to learn what happens on her run or just grab a copy of THE FIREHOUSE DIARIES: BURINING RAIN and jump right in to the entire story that'll be sure to melt your pants off!

Monday morning, June 5th
Dear Di…,
Today is going to be a great day!  I’m about to go on my morning run and the weather is just perfect for it!  It’s bright, the sky is the bluest I’ve seen it in a long time and the temp is just right, seventy three degrees.  I need to run off some of this energy I have from the incredibly hot dream I had last night about one of the firefighters I see almost every morning on my run.  His name is Matthew Rain and he is B…E…A…Utiful and so incredibly sexy.  I can hardly breathe when I’m around him.  His body is so buff, huge muscles, six pack abs, dark brown hair, a California tan and a beautiful white smile.  Sigh…what I wouldn’t give for that man to ask me out.  Oh well.  At least I get to look at him.  But, oh, to touch him.  Damn!  Writing about him is so not helping!  Gotta run this off!
Catch ya on the flip side, Di!

From the diary of McKenna Phelps in... "BURNING RAIN",
 the first entry of "The Firehouse Diaries".

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