Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Hump Day, my peeps!!

It's the fifth day of the BLOWN Blog Tour with the wonderfully talented BRAXTON COLE!!

The fun continues on this exciting tour, hopping from one amazing blog to another and making new friends along the way!! 

Our FIRST STOP for today is TASHA BLACKSTONE EROTIC ROMANCE!!  If you've ever wondered what the difference between a full length novel and a novella is, Braxton answers that question for us on this part of her tour! I'm so glad she put it in perspective for us! I've had so many people ask me why I call my books novellas! Well, here's your answer! Check it out and please post a comment for Braxton and Tasha! Trust me, it will make their day!! 

Our SECOND STOP is with LAURA/MY SEXY ESCAPES!! Laura asked Braxton to give us "A Day in the Life" post about her daily ritual. Thankfully, even though Braxton was hesitant about the idea, she gave us a look into her world starting at Five thirty a.m. all the way through her enormously busy day!  This girl must be related to wonder woman!! Like the rest of us women/wives/mothers, she is only human, but she pulls it off with style! 
You'll want to read her little window into her life. And, please, don't forget to leave a comment here, too! Visitors leaving comments is important and personal to us. Each comment brings a smile to our face and makes our day a little brighter! 

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