Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Check this out!! 

Laura B. Cooper is having a Boneyard Beach FREE Giveaway.

Five lucky winners will recieve a FREE ebook copy of BONEYARD BEACH!! 

There's no purchase necessary! Simply enter to win! 

(Oh...a little may want to grab a copy of "Semper Fi" by Laura!'ll know why when you enter to win!)

Here's my review of Boneyard Beach!!

Laura Cooper has done it again! Boneyard Beach is an exciting and wonderfully written story of a woman who is lost in the memories of the most wonderful night, in the most wonderful place and with the most wonderful guy who claimed her virtue fifteen years ago. No other man can compare to Nicolas Talbot and that's just what Jenna tries to do with the men she dates. After unloading a round in her cheating boyfriends thigh, Jenna runs off to visit her mother's family in South Carolina, where she spent every summer the first fifteen years of her life.

For Nick, no other woman can compare to Jenna Sinkler. Both characters have lived out the last fifteen years dreaming of 'the night' they shared together, wondering if it was really as magical as they remembered or if it was just a chance encounter that happened to be their first brush with sexual bliss. There's one way to find out and when they do, Jenna's world is turned upside down as she falls in love with Nick all over again, but begins a long list of reasons why they can't be together. The biggest one being her ailing father in New Jersey who needs her to take care of him.

This story is loaded with surprises as a mystery surrounding the Talbot family unfolds and has Jenna questioning her feelings for Nick, wondering just how trustworthy he and his strange family are.

Kudos to Laura Cooper! I enjoyed this story immensely! Five stars! ~CB


The Night’ on Boneyard Beach was over fifteen years ago, but for Jenna
Sinkler it is replayed each time she closes her eyes. His hands touching
her, the salt marsh taste of his lips, and the ultimate “first time” every
girl dreams of.

In the real world, she’s a New York City cop who feels like her world is
close to tumbling down on her. When she steps blindly into her apartment for
a quick shower and finds her culinary wizard boyfriend enjoying a naked
blonde waitress on her blue sofa, she reacts. It’s her reaction that sends
her reeling with her tail between her legs back to the island in South
Carolina where she spent every summer of her youth, including 'The Night'
on Boneyard Beach.

Fifteen years ago Nicolas Talbot was an uncomplicated southern boy with
dreams and a bright future. Now Jenna’s making lists of why she and Nick
should be as far away from one another as possible. But one question
remains: was ‘The Night’ on Boneyard Beach a fluke, or was it truly as
magical as they both believe? There’s only one way to find out.Click here to enter! No Purchase Necessary. Please share.

I do hope you enjoy Boneyard Beach!! It is one of my all time favorites! It's following very closely to Semper Fi on my list of faves! And, keep your eyes peeled for the prequel to Semper Fi...Shades of Shame! There will be more on that very very soon!! 

Kisses on all the right places!
~Chas <3

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  1. Really looking forward to reading this,it sounds great!