Monday, January 28, 2013

Good morning, my lovlies!
I was feeling a bit generous today and thought you might like a little taste of "Guardians of the Tri-Parenje: Shadows of Ecstasy", so here's a little excerpt for you.

Sloane sacheted into the bathroom, removing her black tank top, then her pink sports bra, dropping them on the floor and looking over her shoulder as Kade and Linc followed her in a trance and stopped at the bathroom door, glaring at her.  She giggled and tucked her fingers under the stretch band of her sweat pants and slowly pushed them down, revealing a pair of pale pink bikini panties and smooth creamy hips.  Kade and Linc watched her intently as she slid them down her perfectly toned thighs, over her knees and down her muscled calves.  Stepping out of them, she turned to face the mirror and could see them in the corner of her eye.  She knew she would have them both and very soon.  She slowly pulled the hair band out and let her burgundy locks fall down her back.  She looked at her reflection and admiringly caressed her soft skin, working her fingers over her cheeks and teasingly touching her lips, parting them to allow her tongue to softly dampen her fingertips.  Throwing her head back, she slid her warm hands down her throat to her collarbone, and then to her ample breasts.
Kade’s breathing grew out of control as he stood there watching his woman feel her plump tits as if no one was watching.  His manhood was begging to be set free, but he maintained what little self-control he had left and simply waited for what he was sure would be a long night of ecstasy.
Linc’s eyes felt as if they would pop right out of his head.  What the fuck is she doing?  Does she have any idea how badly I want to throw her against that wall and bury myself deep inside her?  He felt light headed as she moved her hands over her taut flat belly to the edge of her panties and had to steady himself on the door frame.  She closed her eyes and groaned as her fingers slid between the soft fabric and her skin and Linc suppressed a guttural moan deep in his throat.
Sloane wondered if they liked girls who waxed.  She loved the feel of her silky smooth skin and would sometimes lightly caress it when she was lying in bed, not moving any farther down, just feeling how soft and smooth it was to touch.
She decided to go on for the sake of these two godlike creatures drooling just a few feet away from her.  She let out a sultry breath of air as she slid a finger between her lips to find that sweet little nub of nerves hidden under her sensitive skin.  She flicked it once, twice, three times and jerked with a slight grunt at the sharp sensation.
Kade growled and took a step into the bathroom.  Sloane turned to see him stalking after her slowly.  She smiled crookedly and pulled her finger up to her lips...

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