Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Good evening, all my wonderfully naughty friends!

I have another short story for you!  This one is truly a quickie! I mean...who doesn't like a quickie every now and then?  I love it hard and fast!   I wrote this one just that way!

"The Firehouse Diaries" is a quick read series of in the heat of the moment situations with five different smokin' hot fire fighters.  Join Beau, Ben, Neth, Chance and Jake as they explore the sexual pleasures of the women they encounter in the most unexpected places.  These stories are one on one with the exception of a steaming hot threesome.  Hmm...which lucky guy will have two beauties to worship him?  You'll just have to keep reading them to find out!

In addition to these five erotic editions of The Firehouse Diaries, I will add an extra bonus!  A very hot fire burning out of control!

Mmm...I'm having so much fun writing these!  Can't wait to have them all out for you to enjoy.


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