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”Blinding obsession”

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Bdsm fun with one of my steaming hot

Firefighters from station #12?

I certainly hope you can handle the heat Chris Patterson and Kori Morgan bring to your Kindle!  Don’t forget to fire proof it before even downloading!  This story is so hot, it’ll melt all of your other erotic books!

Let’s take a look, shall we, my wicked little wantons?

“Blinding Obsession” is the fourth entry of “The Firehouse Diaries”.  If you’ve read the others, you know a little about Chris Patterson, but, not enough to alleviate the shock of learning his lifestyle.
Chris is one that loves to be in control…both of his lovers and of his raging desires.  That’s right.  He is a Dom.  One who has had several submissives in the past.
Control has always come easy for him…
…until he meets Korina Morgan.
Kori first came to Bennett, Colorado for the wedding of her best friend, Rheagan.  Rheagan had transferred to Bennett from LA upon receiving a job promotion, bringing Kori’s younger sister, Skye, with her as her assistant.
Skye was the only family Kori had left and couldn’t bear to be away from her, or Rheagan.  So, she transferred to Bennett with her job, which, ironically, is a firefighter.
Being partnered with the obnoxious man Kori met at Rhea’s wedding was not a good way to start her new life.  Chris Patterson, who portrayed himself as God’s gift to women, pursued her at every turn.  She’d sworn off men after her Dominant husband abused her, landing her in the hospital more than once.  But, Chris’ machinations turned her blood to molten lava, making it difficult to resist his sinfully delicious temptations.
Will Chris be able to control his raging desire for this red haired beauty?  Will he be able to convince her, once she finds out of his ways, to trust him?
Will Kori be strong enough to withstand his kisses?  What will she do when she learns he enjoys the very lifestyle she was running from?


Chris spent the rest of the weekend trying to keep busy enough to keep his mind off of Kori and how beautiful she was when he made love to her.  He went fishing with his brothers that afternoon, which proved to be a failure at keeping his mind off of her.  His brothers could see right through him and the badgering didn’t stop until he told them what was eating him.
After finally escaping them, he headed to the bar he frequents and tried to drown thoughts of her lying on his bed waiting for him to devour her.
Damn, but she’s fucking beautiful.  He just couldn’t get her out of his mind.  He slept late on Sunday and decided to go to the gym and work off his frustration.  It helped more than anything else and he drove himself to the limit.
After returning from the gym, Chris took a long hot shower, which proved to be a mistake.  He’d interrupted Kori’s shower two nights before and the heat was on.  He’s not one for masturbating, but he couldn’t help himself.  With visions of her flooding his mind, he gripped his fully erect, slick, soap covered cock and began to stroke it vigorously.  He imagined Kori standing in the shower at that very moment, masturbating to visions of him.  That made him groan and his balls tightened and a stream of hot come shot across the shower, hitting the wall.
His left hand fell to the wall to steady himself as his right hand finished stroking his half rigid dick.  He sighed heavily.
“What the fuck do I have to do?  Why is she fighting me?”  He asked himself.


Kori sat on a large boulder overlooking the beautiful scenery and sighed as the sun rose, painting the horizon beautiful shades of bright orange and yellow.  She’d found the perfect spot and set up camp there.  The fresh mountain air cleared her mind and she was able to reflect and think more rationally about Chris.  Especially without him around trying to seduce her every chance he got.  Her mind was nothing but a bunch of clouds twirling around in her head when he was near her.
Being in such a beautiful place with nothing but the sounds of nature was exactly what she needed.  She pondered on the fact that she was certain Chris was a Dom and needless to say wanted her for his submissive.  She wondered how she attracted these type of men.  Rory had been so loving and kind in the first three years of their marriage.  Getting involved in bondage and discipline took him down a dark path.
Of course, Kori knew there were Dom’s that weren’t so cruel, even loving and kind, but, she wondered which of these Chris was.  And, if he was the loving type, was she willing to submit to him?
She’d heard of rules that the sub and Dom would agree to, but Rory never gave her the chance to object to any rules.  He made all the rules and if she didn’t abide by them, he would punish her.  When he used the cane on her, she drew the line and left him, never looking back.
His last words told her that he’d been visiting his BDSM club more than just the times he’d taken her.  He said he had plenty of submissives that would obey him and not be such a disobedient little bitch.
Several of her friends told her to read some book that was all the rave with women of all ages.  It was based on bondage and discipline, but it was a romance novel.  She never had read it.  She thought maybe she would call her friend and ask her the name of the book and try to read it on her down time.  She wasn’t into reading a whole lot, but she did enjoy curling up on the couch with a good book now and then.  And, never having a fireplace before, she was imagining the serene crackling of a fire while she wrapped up in her ultra-soft throw with a glass of chardonnay or a nice warm latte.
The attraction she feels toward Chris is stronger than anything she’d ever felt for Rory.  She needed to sort her feelings out before she made any rash decisions.  Did she want to be with him, or not.  And, if he really is into bondage and discipline, would she be willing to submit to him.  She knew that if he had too many hard rules, which meant non-negotiable, she wouldn’t want that.  But, if they could sit down and talk about it…maybe.
She weighed the pros and cons.  She’s very attracted to Chris; he’s obviously attracted to her; he can be sweet, when he tries; he’s stable and has a good job; his friends love him.  On the other hand…he can be obnoxious, rude and self-centered.  That seems to be the only cons she could find.  Until she learns what his tastes for the lifestyle will be.  Then there may be more.
The question is, does she want to find out?
After considering these things for a long while, she decided it might be worth taking a chance on him.  Fear and uncertainty was what she felt now.  Fear that he would break her heart or turn out like Rory.  Uncertain about his feelings toward her.  Is it just a physical attraction for him?  Or is it more than that?  She believes it’s more than that for her.  His sexual magnetism is very strong, but, there’s something more.  That’s what frightens her most…the more.
Finally coming to her conclusion, she takes one last look at the beautiful scenery, takes a deep breath of the crisp mountain air and packs up and heads back down the mountain.

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