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The moment you’ve all been waiting for!  “Blinding Obsession”, the 4th entry of “The Firehouse Diaries”, will finally be released this Friday, October the 18th! Come join me and all of my naughty friends in the celebration at the Release Party!

Yes, "Blinding Obsession is finally ready and I'm super stoked to get it to those who have been so patiently waiting.  I want to take a moment to thank all of you who have helped me bring this one together.  I've had a few friends who offered so graciously to read and review "Blinding Obsession", but even better than that, they edited it, as well.  Thank you to those of you who have done so in such an honest and caring manor. 
I would like to thank those who will be posting on their blogs and sharing on facebook, twitter and other social networking sites this week for the Blog Hopping Extravaganza leading up to the Release Party on Friday.
I would also like to thank my readers, loyal fans and reviewers for all of your support and encouragement.  The best way to show an author love is to give them a review on their work.  If only you knew how big I smile when I read a new review.  It makes all the work so worth every moment away from my family and friends when trying to meet a deadline, researching for important facts, finding just the right pics for the characters and wondering if anyone will like what I've written.  I love you all for the love you've shown me.
Thank you to all of my brother and sister authors who have been there every step of the way with me, if not literally, I know you were in spirit.  I do love you all so much.
Lastly, I want to thank my very best friend and wonderful husband, Brock.  He's been the foundation that keeps me strong and his support and encouragement is unmatched by any other.  The interest that he shows in my passion keeps me excited and wanting to do more just to see the pride in his eyes and his smile.  Thank you, Brock for loving and protecting me so fiercely and for creating all of the wonderful covers and banners for all of my books.  You are truly a treasure among men.

Now...on to the main event!

This story touches on the lifestyle of Dom/sub relationships.  Korina Morgan had been happily married to her first love, Rory Tate, for five years.  The first three years were heavenly bliss.  Somehow, he'd gotten involved with a BDSM club and his interests in sex changed from loving and passionate to rough and hard.  Kori enjoyed the change for the first six months, but when he became abusive, both verbally and physically, things changed for Kori.  After a few visits to the emergency room, she'd had enough and left Rory, never looking back and vowing to never get involved with a man in a serious relationship again.  She was, by no means giving up sex, just no emotional entanglements.
“Blinding Obsession” is the fourth entry of “The Firehouse Diaries”.  If you’ve read the others, you know a little about Chris Patterson, but, not enough to alleviate the shock of learning his lifestyle.

Chris is one that loves to be in control…both of his lovers and of his raging desires.  That’s right.  He is a Dom.  One who has had several submissives in the past.
Control has always come easy for him…

…until he meets Korina Morgan.



Kori first came to Bennett, Colorado for the wedding of her best friend, Rheagan Baumy.  Rheagan had transferred to Bennett from LA upon receiving a job promotion, bringing Kori’s younger sister, Skye, with her as her assistant.

Skye was the only family Kori had left and couldn’t bear to be away from her, or Rheagan.  So, she transferred to Bennett with her job, which, ironically, is a firefighter.

Being partnered with the obnoxious man Kori met at Rhea’s wedding was not a good way to start her new life.  Chris Patterson, who portrayed himself as God’s gift to women, pursued her at every turn.  She’d sworn off men after her Dominant husband abused her, landing her in the hospital more than once.  But, Chris’ machinations turned her blood to molten lava, making it difficult to resist his sinfully delicious temptations.

Will Chris be able to control his raging desire for this red haired beauty?  Will he be able to convince her, once she finds out of his lifestyle, to trust him?

Will Kori be strong enough to withstand his kisses?  What will she do when she learns he enjoys the very lifestyle she was running from?

Meet Korina Morgan, the newest member of Firestation #12 in Bennett, Colorado.
She's the best friend of Rheagan Baumy Polanski from "Born of Fireworks", the 3rd entry of The Firehouse Diaries.
She's a real hot head and has no need of a man in her life.  And, the thing she hates most is a man who is in to Bondage and Discipline.
She's been partnered with a man she'd met at Rheagan's wedding whom she despised the moment he flashed his million dollar smile and asked if she and her sexy ass body would like to dance.  How could her new beginning have had such a bad start?  And, how could she possibly resist Chris Patterson and his godlike body and persistant advances toward her?

Meet Chris Patterson, the newest male firefighter at Station #12.  He'd been transferred a couple of months ago to replace Troy Hopper, who had been fired for drinking on the job.  Chris made friends quickly and became close to a few of the guys on his crew.
Learning of a new female firefighter raised his eyebrows and other parts of his anatomy just hoping she would be as sexy as that hot red haired beauty he'd met a month ago.  He couldn't stop thinking about her, but he also couldn't stand her.  She'd been such a bitch at Jake's wedding. All he'd done was ask her to dance and she snapped his fucking head off with her holier than thou rich bitch persona.  Who needs someone like her? Not Chris. He liked his girls submissive and easy to control. That gorgeous goddess with the most beautiful hair, face and body he'd ever seen would never be submissive to anybody. 
Learning that the new crew member was his new partner and then that she was the very one he dreamt about every night since he'd seen her made his blood boil with both anger and lust.
How he would work side by side with her and keep his sanity, he didn't know. But, he refused to take her bullshit rude behavior. He'd show her exactly what she would never get...if he could resist her himself.

My thoughts on Blinding Obsession

I had so much fun writing this story. I learned a lot about the BDSM lifestyle and that there are many different versions of how Dom's treat their subs. I learned of a whole different world that I found very interesting, intriguing and in some cases, terrifying. I now know that some Dom's are very loving and protective over their subs. This is the side that intrigues me most. The beauty of such a relationship, even though Brock and I would never consider this type of lifestyle, is why I chose to write this story about Chris and Kori and the discoveries they make about themselves and about each other as their feelings become too strong to avoid. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

I will share with you what others post on their blogs and other sites throughout the week, as well as give you some excerpts to enjoy until the book is available.

Here are a couple of teaser pics I've shared on facebook.  Enjoy, my lovelies!

Kori has difficulty fighting her desires to surrender to the most beautiful man she'd ever seen.

Don't forget the first three entries in The Firehouse Diaries!!

McKenna Phelps took her morning run past the firehouse every day but not just to see her best friend, Chance, who was a firefighter there, but to catch a glimpse of him, Matthew Rain, the hottest guy she'd ever seen. With the other six men out on errands, McKenna finds herself alone with Matthew and he has hungry eyes, for her. Sparks flare and a flame is ignited. It's a good thing he's a fireman. 

Max Alvares came here from Mexico and is now living his dream working as a fireman for Station #12, but he has a new dream taunting him with every visit from Serafina Torres, the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. He's never wanted anything as much as he wants her, but his shyness stands in his way, until Sera finds him in the locker room alone and approaches him herself turning up the heat. 

Just out of a bad relationship, her mother dying and her father in prison, Rheagan Baumy has had enough. It’s time to let loose and have some fun. Visiting her best friend, Sera Torres, is just the answer. Sera has friends who are smoking hot firemen and Rhea intends to have a hot summer fling with one of them. But Jake Polanski quickly changes her tune. He wants more than a fling from her. 

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