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FHD Meet the Characters...

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Just released today, Born of Fireworks, the third entry of…

Hello, my lovelies and Happy Independence Day to you all! I thought it might be fun if I introduced all of the characters from the entire Firehouse Diaries series to the readers. This has already been done with the lovely and talented Braxton Cole on her blog during the Born of Fireworks Blog Tour. Now that the tour is over, I’m going to be posting some of the things that were available exclusively through the blog tour. So…let’s get started, shall we?

 Meet the Characters

The Firehouse Diaries is a collection of memoirs from various women who keep journals of their lives.  The first of these luscious ladies is the incredibly sexy McKenna Phelps, followed by Serafina Torres and Rheagan Baumy.  Each of these beauties begin their story with an entry into their diary, introducing you to the scenario of the story.
The men in these four fabulous stories are the steaming hot and sexy firefighters of Station #12 in Bennett, Colorado.  Their friendships and brotherly bonds are tight and unbreakable, giving each of them that extra appeal to the women who love them.
The first entry into the Firehouse Diaries is with McKenna Phelps falling for the super-hot Matthew Rain in “Burning Rain”. The second moves on to Sera Torres seducing the magnificent Max Alvares in “Maximum Heat Wave”.
The third and just released entry is in “Born of Fireworks” with Rheagan Baumy being swept off her feet by the ever so sexy Jake Polanski.
“Born of Fireworks” is far from the last entry into these white hot diaries. There will be more to come in 2014.

Now, let’s meet the characters, shall we?

McKenna Phelps
McKenna Phelps is a young woman torn between her feelings of love for her best friend since sixth grade, Chance Raeburn and their irreplaceable friendship.  She has held her feelings for him deep inside for years, but would never sacrifice their friendship even for love.

After graduating from college, Chance lands a position at Station #12, the hottest fire station in all of Bennett, Colorado.  After marking the firehouse as her halfway mark on her early morning runs for a break and an opportunity to see Chance, McKenna soon meets and falls in love with Matthew Rain, a fellow firefighter on the same crew with Chance.  Her feelings for Matt grow stronger each day, but her love for Chance never falters.  Now, she’s torn between the two men that she loves more than life itself.

Matthew Rain
Matthew Rain has had his eye on McKenna Phelps from the first time she ran into their parking lot at the firehouse and into his dreams.  Finally having a shot with her one hot summer morning, things heat up for the pair and the flames grow into a smoldering hot inferno.
Matt has fallen head over heels in love with McKenna and wants to take their relationship to the next level.  But, McKenna balks at his suggestion to move in together, leaving him wondering if she’s about to break things off between them.

He suspects Chance has something to do with McKenna’s hesitance, but he doesn’t understand why.  His fears of McKenna being in love with Chance are troubling and consuming him. To fight Chance for her heart doesn’t seem to feel right, but he can’t just give her up. Confusion over the potential love triangle has Matt thinking things he’d never dreamed of before and those things are setting off all sorts of alarms. Finding a solution to his dilemma with the two best friends is his new focus. McKenna’s happiness will always come first, but Matt’s afraid it will cost him his heart.

Chance Raeburn
Chance Raeburn has always been self-conscious since he was a kid.  He met his best friend, McKenna Phelps, in middle school when he was a chubby four eyed awkward nerd and she was as skinny as a stick with a mouth full of braces.  They were joined at the hip almost instantly and their friendship has lasted through thick and thin over a span of fourteen years.
Somewhere in that time, Chance fell in love with McKenna, but couldn’t bring himself to act upon that love.  She was always talking about how she would never date a close friend, afraid of losing his friendship, so that was that for him.  At least he could love her as a friend, if he couldn’t have her as a lover.  He tried to convince himself that it was better than the alternative.

Seeing McKenna with his good friend Matt stirred mixed feelings deep inside.  He liked Matt a lot and was glad McKenna was with someone who would treat her decent.  But his unbearable desire for her is engulfing his ability to control the smoldering urge bursting from every pore to throw caution to the wind and fight for what he wants.  And what he wants has always been McKenna.

Serafina Torres

Sera Torres has been good friends with McKenna Phelps since she moved to Colorado from Mexico during her high school years.  Always the beauty queen, Sera has never had to make the first move to have any man.  Batting her eyes and smiling her brilliant white smile had always been enough.  But with Max Alvares, the only man that has ever made her wet between her thighs simply by smiling at her, she had her work cut out for her.  Flirting with him constantly had gained her nothing in return, giving her the fear that he had no interest in her at all.
Desperate to feel his arms around her, she makes plans to seduce him at the end of his shift early one morning.  To her surprise, her seduction of Max is quickly reversed after the first kiss and Max, sweet, innocent shy Max, takes matters into his own hands and takes all he can get from Sera, leaving her dizzy and reeling with pleasure and satisfaction only to do it all over again and again.

Once the hot Latin lovers begin their affair, they are inseparable and undying love takes control of Sera’s heart. Making the first move paid off in full. Keeping their hands off of each other is unfathomable and their love for one another has grown into an eternal flame that could never be extinguished.

Max Alvares
Max Alvares comes from a poor family in Mexico and is the first to venture to America in hopes of making something of himself and for his family’s name.  He struggled and worked hard to put himself through college and found his success by becoming a firefighter in Bennett, Colorado.
There he became part of a family with his fellow firefighters, fitting in for the first time since he became an American citizen five years before.  He would die for his new found brothers.  The Alvares men were that way, loyalty was everything to them and once you had their friendship, you would always have it.  He’d never felt happiness like this in Mexico.  He had few friends there and had never known the touch of a woman until he came to America.  One thing he wanted that he hadn’t yet accomplished was a woman to call his own, to love and take care of and start a family of his own.

When he saw Sera Torres for the first time, he fell instantly in love with her, but felt he wasn’t worthy of such an incredibly beautiful woman.  To his surprise, the lovely senorita had the same feelings for him.  Once she gave him the green light, his primal instincts kicked in and he couldn’t claim Sera as his own fast enough.  Once their love affair had begun, they were inseparable and their future together was crystal clear.

Rheagan Baumy
Rheagan Baumy is a twenty five year old woman on a mission.  In light of her would be husband, Barry Tate, leaving her for a bikini model and her paraplegic mother passing away recently of heart failure, Rheagan buried herself in her work as a Marketing Consultant at Lowe Marketing and Design taking her to new heights in the company.  After all of her hard work over the past six months, she is rewarded with a promotion which will take her to her home town of Bennett, Colorado, where her best friends, Sera Torres and McKenna Phelps reside.
Her mission…to have a hot summer romance with one of the super sexy friends Sera keeps emailing her pictures of from the local fire department.  Any one of those muscled up sex machines would do for her purpose…to have a wild time and let loose for once in her life.

Meeting Jake Polanski gives Rhea a change of heart. No other man, Barry included, ever made her feel the way he does. Her heart beats out of control and her insides ignite into a burning desire to be with him and only him. When Jake makes his feelings known, Rhea can’t resist him and gives herself to him completely. But, after a misunderstanding, Jake unwittingly hurts her, physically and emotionally. Although she’s fallen in love with Jake, her fear of him consumes her and her plans to stay in Bennett have been incinerated. Leaving the only man she’s ever loved behind is her only option.

Jake Polanski
Jake Polanski is one of the steaming hot firefighters of Station #12.  He has been close friends with Chance Raeburn, McKenna Phelps and Sera Torres since their freshman year in college, a year after Rheagan Baumy moved with her ill-fated mother to LA. 
Jake’s never been one to sleep around, but he has had his fair share of beautiful women.  But none as beautiful as the breathtaking bombshell Sera invited to the Fourth of July celebration at the lake with all of his friends from the station…Rheagan Baumy.
Feelings Jake had never felt before filled his entire being the moment he laid eyes on Rheagan.  His heart was doing cartwheels in his chest, he could barely breath when she came near and his manhood was doing a happy dance in his tight ass bike shorts like nobody’s business. Every fiber of his being wanted this woman he’d just met as if he’d known her his entire life.  Not only that, but he felt that she belonged to him, or at least she would, in every way possible.
The magnetism between them thrusts them into each other’s arms and sparks fly in every direction. But when a misunderstanding yanks them apart and Jake inadvertently attacks her, causing her to fear him, he’s left with an emptiness that threatens to consume him. 
How can he make things right between them and keep from losing her forever when he can’t forgive himself for hurting her? Finding a way to be with Rhea is the only thing he can think of and when he learns that she’s going back to LA for good, his focus turns from his assault on her and her fear of him to fighting for what he knows in his heart belongs to him. Nothing can stand in the way of him having her, except Rheagan herself. Convincing her to forgive him and stay is the only option he has left.

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