Saturday, June 29, 2013

Good evening, my lovely peeps!
Today is the final day…
Of the

Born of Fireworks Blog Tour

Here is the lineup of blog stops!
It’s not too late to visit all of them and see what’s coming on July 4th 2013!
Awesome excerpts, interviews, pics and much much more!
I want to thank the wonderful bloggers who helped put this tour together! You are all amazing people and I am thankful to call each of you my friend!

Share With Me...

Mia Downing

Indie Reviews

Share With Me...

Braxton Cole

Jason JaxxWords From The White RoomWith Jason Jaxx

Wicked Readings by Tawania


  1. This is a hot contest. I need more hot summer reads

    1. I'm glad you like it, Lorie! I hope you will read all three Firehouse Diaries Books. They were a lot of fun to write. Enjoy!

      Loves and Kisses!
      ~Chasity <3