Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Whew! It's getting hot in here!!

More from "BURNING RAIN"-McKenna finally gets her man!

“Oh, McK…” he breathed, “…I’ve wanted to do that for so long.”
McKenna smiled and dropped her head back a little, offering her lips to him.  “Do it again, Matthew.”  She murmured seductively.
That was all Matt needed to take her mouth hungrily with a low growl and grasp her hair with one strong hand.  He didn’t wait for her to part her lips, he forced his tongue into her mouth and took her like a savage beast.
McKenna grew weak and Matt lifted her into his arms, still kissing her fiercely.  He wanted to get her upstairs and fuck her hard on one of the beds, but he couldn’t wait that long.
He pushed her back up against the brick wall and she grunted.  She wrapped her legs around his waist and fisted her fingers in his thick dark brown hair.  He couldn’t get close enough to her.  He crushed her with his hard body and could feel her hard nipples grazing against his bare chest through the cotton fabric of her top.
His mouth slid to her jaw and under her ear.  “Damn, McK…I want you so badly.”  He said with a heavy breath.  “I want you, right here…right now.”
She wasn’t sure if he was asking her permission or if he was telling her that he was going to fuck her.  She didn’t care.  She wanted him just as much and she moaned.
“Take me, Matthew.  Fuck me now.”  She cried as he devoured her shoulder.

Haven't read "BURNING RAIN" yet? Grab a copy here today and prepare for my upcoming release in July of "BORN OF FIREWORKS" the third entry in THE FIREHOUSE DIARIES!
You can find the second entry, "MAXIMUM HEAT WAVE" here and jump into it too.
You will want to read these two hot stories of the smokin' hot firefighters of Fire Station #12 before "BORN OF FIREWORKS". 

Enjoy, my naughty friends! I've had more fun writing about the hot little numbers to bring them to you. And I'm still having fun writing about them! I just can't wait for you to read about Jake and Rhea! They are steaming up my computer and soaking my panties!  God, I LOVE my job!!

You kids have fun!
~Chas <3

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