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Full scene teaser, from 
"Bitter Fruits"
as promised!

Copyright 2013
Release Date: June 25, 2013

It’s a few days later when I walk out of a study session in the library, at nearly midnight because I truly do not understand statistics, that I hear the voice again. Alec is sitting on the wall that borders the library entrance. I recognize him immediately, but without his mask, I’m disappointed to see that he is even more attractive. I don’t like being drawn to beautiful men who appear and disappear with no effort; relationships with this sort of guy tend to end badly.

“No ball gown?” His voice is full of laughter, but I look down at my ragged jeans and sweatshirt and realize I am out of my league. He isn’t dressed the same, either, but his dark pants and light blue shirt look like they were purchased at one of those stores where clothes don’t have price tags and you get a personal assistant for your shopping. The sort of stores I have never, and likely will never, shop in or even know people who do.

“No wolf mask,” I tease back although the attempt at humor masks my doubt. Dressed in a gown, surrounded by candles and incense, I could keep up; here on campus, in clothes I basically planned to wear to bed, Alec intimidates me. It isn’t only his physical beauty; something about him seems to reach me through the autumn night and make me burn for a world I didn’t even know I was missing. The way he looks at me makes me feel like all of the words from the stories I’ve ever read have come to life and become flesh. Perfect, sexy, and untouchable flesh.

“Your hood was black, but I am no less a predator,” he says, warning and sorrow mixed in his tone. “The mask just advised you what you were getting.”

“What am I getting? Because you certainly disappeared fast enough.”

“It was best not to be privy to the cries of monster,” he says, reminding me of Chloe. She’s fine now physically although she seems lost most days. Lately, her roommates said she has taken to sleeping all day and then walking the campus alone at night. We are in a reasonably safe area, but the behavior is still weird. Everyone thinks she is probably a little insane. I think she is just sad; she has been quoting Lucy from Dracula, which definitely spells pathetic to me. She took the party too seriously, but being this close to Alec again, I can see how that could happen to a girl. Reality twists into something new when he smiles.

“Do you know something about her?”

Alec hops down from the wall and approaches. My body reacts to his closeness and I try to turn it off. I am not going to feel this, when I don’t even know what his intentions are with me. He made me feel beautiful for one night, but it was one night and bad things happen when a girl assumes one night is the same as a lifetime.

“Walk with me,” he says and I let him lead me up to the crest of a hill. The moon is full and Alec lies back on the grass, pulling me down beside him. It is chilly; the autumn air is growing closer to winter every day, but there is enough warmth between the two of us to keep me from complaining.

“Do you trust me Nora?” Alec asks.

“I barely know you.”

“Do you want to know me? Because I want to know you. Every inch of you.”

Again, I feel him move closer and the same electricity is there between us, pulling me to him even while my mind tries to reason with my body. His lips brush mine and my body is his; still, he does not move to do more than kiss me lightly. Comfort and frustration mingle in the brush of his lips. Knowing nothing about Alec doesn’t matter; there is nothing I can do now that I have met him. He feels like a memory that I had long forgotten.

“Yes, I do. Trust you and want to know you,” I tell him, pulling him on top of me and letting his hands begin their exploration. He slips my sweatshirt over my head and kisses along my breasts, my entire body needing more of him but afraid to beg. His lips caress my collarbone and neck; I feel the same sharp twinge that I felt outside of the church. I push him back and see his fangs, this time glinting in the moonlight.

“Do you always wear them?” I ask.

“It’s a bit more complicated than that,” he says.

“Ugh. Are you one of those people so enraptured by fantasy that you had your teeth permanently capped? Lame,” I tease, ignoring the fact that I am still turned on even by this ridiculous character flaw. There is something so animalistic in his touch, so primal in my urges. In seconds of being near Alec, I lose all sense of the world and just want to be touched. I hate girls who lose themselves in men, but this is not the same. I am aware of every decision I am making, of every inch I am giving to him; what is different for me is that I want to give him even more than he is demanding.

“We do not always make the right choices in our youth,” he says.
I let him bite me. The fangs don’t break the skin but the tease is there. When his lips reach mine, I feel my body melt; his tongue tempts me and I want to take this further. I am growing wet and excited and his hands on my breasts aren’t nearly enough. I push them down between my legs and he unzips my jeans. My hunger is unstoppable and I don’t wait for him to get my pants off before I reach for his belt. He begins to breathe heavier and I almost have him freed when he suddenly stops. His fingers are right along the edge of my panties and I almost scream in agony, needing him to touch me.

“No,” he says. “I can’t.”

“Please,” I beg, while he drags out the moment, his fingers inches away from the satisfaction I crave. He pulls his hand away and zips my jeans, before buttoning his own pants and ending the moment way too prematurely.

“No, this is wrong. We can’t do this.”

“We appear to be at an impasse,” I tell him. “You claim to want me desperately, yet every time we get close to intimacy, you panic.”

“It’s not panic. I am only looking out for you.” His hands make lazy circles on my back; I need him in more ways than he is willing to give me but there is no way I can stop.

“Alec, I need you. Please. You’re not taking advantage-”

“I promised you more than this. Tomorrow night. Coffee?”

He stands and I lie on the grass, shirtless, as he buckles his belt.

“Is this a game to you? Drive a girl wild so she can’t deny you in the end?” I ask.

“I don’t play games, Nora. See you tomorrow.” He walks away and I almost cry out, but it seems childish and a little pathetic. My body is hungry and I don’t think I can handle not having him. I pull my sweatshirt on, though, and wonder what the hell I’ve gotten myself into. His silhouette has faded in the darkness, but his image is scorched on my memory.


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