Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My 5 Star Review for “Birthday Wishes”

By the Incredible
Braxton Cole

Man, I have never made a birthday wish like Mari has! Not only is it more than one's a "sex bucket list"! Amazing story line with the most delicious characters in Mari and Luca. Yumm!! I enjoyed reading this book and will read it again! Braxton's writing skills are excellent and to read her work is like watching a movie. You can see the characters and feel their emotions. I know that giving an author a good review is helping them out, but with my review is gratitude. Thank you Braxton for sharing your incredible imagination with us. I look forward to reading all of your future works!


Oh…and, by the way


I hear the cover on this one is taking on a whole new look! Can’t wait to see what Braxton does with it! Don't tell her I told you! ;)

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