Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I just have to tell you about the latest book by BRAXTON COLE!!
The title is "Blown", and let me tell you...your mind will be "Blown" once you've read it! The story finds Veronica Guard, an undercover LAPD cop, in the midst of an investigation where she is recruited by Homeland Security to infiltrate, observe and gather intelligence to take down a group of thugs who were moving massive loads of meth and sending the funds to a known terrorist group. While in the very center of the source and with a close relationship to the very man who runs the ring, Roni runs into Mateo Vargas, an old acquaintance, an ex-lover whom, even now, made her insides sing with desire and her female parts all tingly. The only problem with the incredibly sexy man of her wet dreams is that he, too, is a hardened criminal whom is on the ATF watch list along with his older brother, Luis.

It's true Mateo is one of the bad guys, but when he was with Roni, he was the perfect gentleman and very possibly the world's greatest lover. When they got together in the past, their relationship was totally sexual and nothing else. But, still, Roni seemed to care for him.

Mateo seizes Roni from the clutches of Crimson, the ring leader, in hopes to save her from being killed. But, Roni won't budge and tell her boss her cover has been blown, so Mateo has no choice but to help her in order to protect her. So, he puts himself on the line and teams up with her, knowing if his brother learns Roni is a cop, she'll be killed and he along with her. 

Sparks fly and feelings are rekindled only to complicate matters worse. She's a cop, he's a bad guy...they both know that eventually, their career choices would have them on opposite sides of the battle field. But neither one can walk away. With their feelings for each other growing by the minute, each asks the other to give up their job so they can be together. 

So what will they do? Will Roni give up the job she's worked so hard for, the job she loves and is proud of? Or will Mateo tell his brother he wants out and try to wipe his slate clean just to be with her? 

Braxton has really outdone herself with this fantastic story of twisted fate. Her writing style is outstanding and the thickening plot keeps you on the edge of your seat, not to mention the incredibly hot sex scenes. Very descriptive...you can actually see the characters and what they are doing to drive each other to the brink of insanity!

An easy Five Stars for "Blown". If I could give Ten Stars, I would! 

Congratulations, Braxton, on a job well done!