Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello my lovelies!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm having a wonderfully hot time working on the third volume of the "Swingers" series! If you've not read the first two volumes, I encourage you to do so. 

 These are the real life memoirs of our adventures in the swinging lifestyle. Brock and I began this journey in September of 2012, so I suppose you could say we are still youngsters at this. Keeping a journal of our experiences was an idea I sort of stole from a friend, Laura B. Cooper, whom is also an erotic author, as well as her husband, Christopher Cooper. 
The two of them took Brock and I under their wings and introduced us to the erotica writing world, as well as teaching us the ropes on how to write, format, edit, and self publish, which is what Brock does for me. He is also my cover artist and does a wonderful job. 
Of all of my books, these are true to life where the others are simply fictional stories and one series is science fiction. 
I do hope that you will take a look at our memoirs and enjoy them as much as we enjoyed researching and I writing them. Please do me the favor of writing a review on the site that you purchase the books from. It would mean a lot to me. 

After being married for twenty four years, Brock and I had never loved each other more than we do now. Sex has always been amazing for us. After reading a few erotic novels from our favorite authors, who happen to write about the swinging lifestyle, we decided to give it a try.In this short story, I tell of our first two encounters with some hot couples. Things can get pretty steamy when you share your spouse with someone else. To see my husband have his cock devoured by a beautiful woman is such a surprisingly erotic turn on. And, to have another man worship my body as my man watches and grows noticeably harder is just so arousing.
But, when I finally get my nerve to taste another woman...Oh My God! I never knew how sweet a woman's vagina could be. I am so not bi-curious anymore! I am all in to being bi-sexual! The affect it has on Brock is out of this world. Watching him watching me enjoying her...whew! And to share her with beautiful. 
This is the first of many of our sexual memoirs to share with you. So, join us on our journey as we Swing through life in this "Swingers" series of erotic short stories. 
Bon a petite!

Brock wants to take Chasity somewhere special for Valentine's weekend, so he searches for a special resort they can go to for a bit of sexy fun. He finds a place that is clothing optional and books a cabin for just the two of them.Upon arrival, they meet the owners, Nicky and Angela, who instantly make them feel at home. After meeting the other couples attending for a romantic weekend, they quickly make friends with almost all of them. 
Hot and steamy passions heat up in the secluded hot tub between Chasity and a sexy blonde with some hot girl on girl action, allowing Brock to play a little. After Chasity has satisfied Lara multiple times, they party a bit and find another couple willing to swap, meeting them in the warm inviting hot tub for some hot wife swapping.
The following night Chasity finds playing in the club to be very fulfilling and she and Brock follow this couple to their cabin for some hot oral sex and where one of Chasity's fantasies is fulfilled.
Follow this enticing couple as they find their passions in the new life style of Swinging and their comfort level rises to new heights with each hot and steamy experience.

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