Thursday, April 25, 2013

Good Evening my lovelies!

I've been asked a lot about sequels to both The Guardians of the Tri-Parenje and The Firehouse Diaries. Let me assure you that there will be several additions to both series.

The next feature of the Guardians will be called "Shadows of Desire" and will continue with the story of Sloane Dasani and her two hot as sin beaus, Kade and Linc. If you haven't read the first book, "Shadows of Ecstasy", here's a quick recap.

Sloane Dasani is just your average single girl trying to make it on her own. After witnessing a brutal murder, one she can't quite believe she actually saw, she is put into protective custody.

Kade O'Connell and Lincoln Merrick are her guardians, who happen to be part of a secret society of shape shifting Pantheras. Pantheras refers to all large cats. Kade is Black Panther and Linc is Snow Leopard.

Sloane soon finds herself drawn to both of these hot godlike men and the two men have sensed the presence of the Tri-parenje, or Tri-Par, which means three mating in Croatian and is part of an ancient prophecy that was thought to be a myth...Until now.

According to the prophecy, two shifters would mate with a human, but they soon discover that Sloane is not exactly human. She has some sort of powers emerging and is just now learning of them. According to Isadora Minear, the High Priestess of the Sage's, who can see into the future, more women with special powers will soon follow Sloane's arrival into their world.

That's where the story will pick up in "Shadows of Desire". Sloane will learn much more about her powers and begin to master them. The second phase of the gathering of the powerful women comes into the beginning of the book with the arrival of Madison Shariffe, whom is protected by Corin Smith, who is White Tiger, and Luken Merrick, who is Snow Leopard and is Linc's brother.

With the arrival of Madison, she and Sloane discover that their ancestors were White Witches. Isadora and her sister in mating, Grace, take the two under their wings and teach them of their ways. No one knew of the Minear women to be White witches. They had decided to keep it a secret from all but their husbands, who are the heads of the Guardians of the Tajna, or the Secret of their society. Once the prophecy is realized as truth, and the Tri-Par selects the chosen Guardians of the Tajna, they become the Guardians of the Tri-Parenje, meaning they are the protectors of their mates whom are destined to defeat a great evil secretly emerging with the vengeful Karan Paash, the most dangerous of villain shifters...and he is Black Panther.

We will learn of the powers of both Sloane and Madison and just how powerful they will become in "Shadows of Desire". Lots of action and adventure along with romance and incredibly hot menage a trois sex around every corner!

I hope you take the time to grab a copy of "Guardians of the Tri-Parenje: Shadows of Ecstasy". I'm super anxious to get started on "Shadows of Desire".

Once I have the third installment of "The Firehouse Diaries" worked out, I will give an insight to it, as well.

Stay hot and sexy my friends! 

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